Flower Girl

Finally, a new post! It's been a while. I'm not gonna lie, the weather has taken over the better part of me and I barely dress up nicely these days because I have almost stopped going out during the day, let alone take pictures. This morning though, I was inspired.

 I love summers in the Philippines but not here. There at least I get to go to the beach and unleash the inner bohemian in me, specially around my bestfriend, Desiree. But lately I complain a lot and I thought I'm starting to sound like a brat. So I'm embracing summer like I used to. 

On me: GV2 summer dress, H&M Sandals, Cotton On Sunnies and Bracelet, Thrifted Bag

Yesterday, I had to most amazing day! Will share with you soon on my next post.



  1. aw, you look so good in this color. i love long dresses, they can be dressed up or down so easily. glad you had a great day dear! <3


  2. oooooh i love summers there too!!!

    nice dress! :)

  3. you look so beautiful! I love the flower in your hair and that maxi dress is amazing!

    xo andrea marie


  4. such a beautiful dress, you look so fresh and pretty


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