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I've always fancied old style photographs. They're one of the many things I find inspiration from. It's probably also why I adore vintage bloggers. I'm not one myself (but then I don't really follow a specific trend or style). Yet I admire vintage bloggers as much as I do street style bloggers.

I base my outfit for the day on my current mood. Its' different everyday being that I'm a very moody person (no one likes it, not even me though I can't help it). That's the reason why I seem to not be consistent on my photos and outfits. But I look at it the positive way because it makes me a more flexible dresser. For instance, today I had the urge to wear a high-waist denim shorts and my fedora hat. I then styled around those and this is the result look.

Now I've always wanted to collect lomo and vintage cameras. Problem is, I don't know where or how to begin. I thank Apple much that camera apps are downloadable for the iPhone 4. It's  with that, that I'm able to take as much vintage-like photographs as I can (If you've seen my facebook photos, you must have seen my mobile uploads). I had Penguin took these photo this afternoon using my phone. Fancy that even if they're not authentic, they're still fine looking.

Hope you guys are having a great week. I sure am, which reminds me... The secret that I mentioned about in my previous post was about a job interview that I did today. I said secret because I wasn't sure I'd get the job but... I'm letting the cat out because I did, I got the job! Although that would also mean there's a possibility that I'd slack on posts again. But on that later. For now, I leave it at this.

 Carla Violet 

 On Me: 
 Top and bag: MPT clothes and accessories
 High waist shorts: Black Moss 
 Fedora: A shop from SM city, Naga 
 Oxfords: Rubi by Cotton On 
 Sunnies: Thrifted 
 Eating a DQ Blizzard =) 


  1. love the outfit!!
    so casual and comfy looking!


  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    Super cute :)


    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;



  3. love your hat!!!


  4. I fancy old style photographs as well! Your outfit is so chic and comfy, the teal top is so darling!

    well written post, love it!


  5. Hi Carla! I love your shorts! does your mom sells one of those? I love almost all the pieces in your mom's boutique! I am just waiting for her email. :) And oh Congrats on your new work! :)

  6. Another great outfit from you. I'm such a big fan here.

    Much love from Davao. :-)

  7. love your outfit...
    new follower here ;) wish that you could follow mine too... tx


  8. You write so consistant coments not just one "your fab" or "great look" and I apreciatte it! XOXO

  9. I also love vintage & street style bloggers, both have special styles...this outfit is really lovely!
    Have a great weekend,
    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  10. I love this post. Überly great outfit & nice photographs!

  11. Love this outfit



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