Rusty Old Place

Today was pretty tiring, despite that I only stayed at mom's shop the whole day.
I was convinced it wouldn't be too busy given that the weather was acting strange as usual (it rained, then stopped and there was the sun shining so bright, then suddenly it rained again).
I was right though, before I found out we had new stocks arriving in the afternoon. My mom, tita, and I finished labeling and tagging the new arrivals for the rest of the day until late tonight. Even my brothers were obliged to help out cos otherwise, we won't be able to finish. It's either we had to go home really late or we had to continue everything tomorrow. It was fortunate that we were able to finish tonight.

Before work began, I had brother snap a few photos of me using my phone.
Please bear with the image quality cos its not like I am always able to bring a DSLR with me. Although, I guess if you've been following my blog from then, you're pretty much used to me uploading photos taken from my phone. 

Happy Wednesday!

 Carla Violet 

 On Me: 
 Lace top from Man Si 
 Romper from H&M worn underneath 
 Sandals from a local store in Zhuhai 
 Thrifted bag 
 Belt from Esprit 


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  2. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    Lovely :)

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  3. love it!
    check out my blog ;)


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