Beautiful People + New Stuff

Currently listening to Sam Ock's Beautiful People. There's something about the lyrics that inspires me so much and makes me feel good about myself. It's a really great song specially if you're feeling a little down and needs cheering up.

Although, I don're really need cheering up as of the moment because I acquired a new wallet bag and shoes recently, which I'd like to share with you guys by the way.

Sandals: H&M

I wanna thank Ate Joan for this cute pair of Fringe Sandals. I don't own a Fringe pair yet so thank you for giving me a first. They're perfect for the summer. I'm already thinking of a Bohemian/Hippie look for this pair.

This purse was a thrift find. I'm not much into this kind of wallet-bag like (I own a lot actually but barely use them cause I'd rather use a bigger shoulder bag and throw a coin purse in it). But I find the print of this really cool. When I see prints like this, they remind of of the old days when I used to play in an all girl band with my bestfriends. Then, I was so into punk and rock stuff. But then I guess I'll always have that in me no matter what so, yeah.

Happy Wednesday!

 Carla Violet 


  1. aww tripxie! love em! esp the sandals! want one! :)


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