Time flies when you're busy, don't it? It's the first day of school tomorrow, already! And I can't believe the holidays went by just like that. I've been struggling with work these days so I have to say even though I wasn't able to do much during my vacation, I can say I'm pretty excited to be back to school cos working is a lot more exhausting that studying... (More >>>)

My work schedule was altered a bit these past few days to a more favorable time so I was able to do some quick shots with Penguin before I went off. Hopefully I can have some free time in the next few days before school projects buzz in, so I can relax even just a little. I haven't been hanging out with my friends lately so I guess I have to make it up to them sometime soon. I'm waiting for fall... Almost sick of the heat already.

Cheers, Carla
(P.S. Is my shirt's color a little blinding?)
Shirt, shoes, and earrings from a thrift store, skirt from MPT, Cotton On Sunnies and Ring


  1. That hue is really pretty. I love bright colors, and your top has the brightest fuschia hue ever! And are you studying abroad? Because you said school will start tomorrow and here in the Phils. school has started months ago... :)
    Mars of fashion insouciance
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  2. lovely look!
    Great skirt! And the blouse looks lovely on you!

  3. LOVE this bright color on you! I've been looking for bright solids....

  4. Great skirt, lovely top :)

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  5. you look great! love the skirt:)

  6. I love the rings. :) You look beautiful! :) x

  7. You look so amazing! I really love your sunglasses! Too cute!

    Weird! You're from Macao and there's a documentary on television right now about it! Hehe. I don't know too much about it. Seems lovely!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. You´re right, time really does fly when you´re busy. That´s probably one of the few things I actually like with school. The days don´t seem so long and you always have something to do, wether it´s studying, sports or hanging out with friends :) Oh and those sunglasses are super cute! Wonderful and summer-y outfit :)

  9. totally right, time flies like a rocket! good luck with your school anyway, you will have a great time with your school mates and of course the lovely assignments :P
    anyway, do you live in Macau? seriously if we know each other, we have to meet that day in HK! haha oh last, i love your sunnies! and your skirt is awesome <3



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