I love sneakers too!

It's been raining constantly these past few days and its wet everywhere. Just when I have all the spare time to take lots of pictures for the blog -- not so easy. The thing is that, I forgot to say it last time, I quit my job for good! Of course blog aside, I figured why not enjoy the rest of my college years before I go for my internship, then senior year before I really start working full time for the rest of my life. I mean, I'll only have the summer after my internship to really enjoy a summer vacation. After that, I'll be in senior year, and after senior year, there's no more summer breaks --- it's just work, work, and work. So I'd better make the most out of my time while I still can slack off, be lazy, and just enjoy all the free time that I've got with things that I love doing! If you know me well, you know that I have lots and lots of hobbies! So I don't think I'll ever run out of things to do even sans a part-time job.
Anyway, about the weather (yet again), I'm thinking of buying a nice, possibly trendy, stylish umbrella so that I can take pictures under the rain =) Haha... Yeah, prolly.

Cheers, Carla

on me://DIY sheer blouse//Esprit black cardiga worn as top//H&M skirt//Cotton On Necklace, earrings, and sunnies//Converse Sneakers//Thrifted Bag

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  1. Love the combination of colors!!!You look great!

  2. Cute sneakers, love the outfit!!!


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  3. Cool outfit, love the bag

  4. Love the blouse! Congrats on quitting your job! Working sucks.

  5. Love your skirt and bag so much!

  6. I'm following you, follow me too:)

  7. Adorable, love the skull necklace.
    And I hear you girl! I'm a senior in college now and it's hectic, hectic, hectic...I have a full time course load, an internship, and a part time job. Jeeeeesh.
    Haha enjoy your down time ;)
    Thanks for commenting my blog. Love your style; following!

  8. you look awesome!! the touch of pink is super cool!!

  9. realy cool outfit!!!

    love delasheela.blogspot.com

  10. I love your bag & your necklace ! Kisses from Paris xoxo


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