Rocking a studded tee

Ok, first off let me tell you that this post is an overload of photos! Today is my dad's birthday and I had in mind to bake him a cake so after class I asked Mr. Penguin to come buy the ingredients with me. We brought the camera and took pictures on the way to the grocery store. On the way, we passed by this area behind the building where I live that I've always wanted to take pictures at but never had the chance to since it was a private property. Inside the area, there is something like a greenhouse or whatever you call a place that grows herbs and flowers and well, plants i guess. The back is an open space with lots of greenery and rusty metals lying about. Its a lovely place to take pictures. We were supposed to snap shots outside of the property but then I saw that the lock on the gate was unlatched. I looked  at Mr. P in a you-know-what-I'm-thinking way. Of course we went inside, sort of trespassing and shot inside. We made it quick before anyone came to shoo us off. But despite us being in a rush, we were able to take lots of photos that I had a hard time choosing which to post... (read more after the jump)

Anyway, went off to the grocery and got the stuff I needed. Yesterday, I helped Penguin baked a cake for his mum too because its her birthday today as well. Yep, my dad and his mum were born on the same day. Coincidence much?

This is how the cake turned out. And now I'll stop typing cos this post has become longer than planned. Until my next!!

Cheers, Carla

on me://Levi's studded tee, men's//DIY skirt - see tutorial HERE///bag from MPT//Rubi Shoes from Cotton On//


  1. This studded top is gorgeous and your colourful skirt is soo cute. What great brights to balance out the tough top.
    And yummy that cake looks good enough to eat ;)

  2. Oh this skirt is amazing, and the cake looks yummy!

  3. love the look.. so effortless and badass (paired with the fact that you trespassed, you rebels! hehe) and the cake looks amazing too!

  4. Thanks for dropping by at my blog.
    Love your outfit especially the skirt. the cake looks soooooooooo yummy. hehe. btw, you're pretty.
    I've followed you dear, It would be a pleasure if you could follow me as well :D

    <3 Maria

  5. I absolutely love how you paired a very punk rock shirt with a preppy skirt. Greeat style!

  6. liking the outfit carla~ i am a new follower

    please come by

  7. Such a bold and eclectic look, and you rock it perfectly! Wow!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Style in the City

  8. thanks for your comment! I follow you, follow me on
    the clutch is pefect
    I love your blog, kiss

  9. Very nice (:

  10. Cute top, very detailed, love the cake!

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  11. Wowwwww! I love that skirt! You look great!

  12. thanks so much for the greeting! I love your eclectic style ;]


  13. Hm, like your outfit! Such a great style!

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  14. brilliant outfit - love the colours in the skirt! the cake looks so yummy! x

  15. You're right- it is a nice place to shoot pictures. I like the playfulness of this look, how you mixed patterns with style- it's nice on eyes and looks chic!
    Good luck!

  16. Gorgeous pictures dear! Great blog ♥

  17. omg the cake yummy! love how you did your hair.looks cool and so effortless unfortunately this doesn't work out with mine..anyways thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  18. Fun and cute. The tee also will kook great with skinny jeans. Great blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back

  19. better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?
    Love your tee and cute skirt!

    Chic on the Cheap

  20. The outfit looks great and I can smell the goodness of the cake you baked up to here! I love chocolate cake (if that's it?) anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm a new follower. follow back? thanks! :D

  21. ahh love the outfit from head to toe esp the skirt with all the colors and THE BAG ♥

    You're so sweet for baking that wonderful cake for your dad , i think thats a gift from the heart which is pricess :D

  22. Girl, i love your skirt...I've seen quite alot of neon colors but this is so fun!!
    I love your style. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Following you now ya.


  23. im loving your hairstyle in this post!
    I'm glad i found your blog, im loving all your photos! congrats, im your new follower ;) come visit my little place too, and if you like it you can follow me back :)

  24. gorgeous outfit, i just love your skirt!
    now a follower of your lovely blog :)

    follow back?

  25. that skirt won over my heart!


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