Take Me Away!

I can't wait for this week to be over and for me to be done with all these projects and school works. After this week, I think and hope that I'll be able to breathe normally again! I always hope for the best, you know. Although a lot of times I just want someone to come and take me away from all of these (yep, it's written on my shirt). Unfortunately, that doesn't usually happen unless you're in a movie, right?. Anyway, I won't complain anymore. Just have to do what I gotta. Besides, College will be over soon before I even know it. Like how it was, it's been like only yesterday that I was a freshman, and now here I am. I'm pretty sure its not gunna be much different when I start working a full time job, unless of course I get a job at a magazine company or in fashion, or the music industry -- that I'll never tired of pretty sure, haha.  You guys having a good week so far?

Cheers, Carla

On me://American Eagle Shorts//Cardigan from Laundry, borrowed from Pengiun//Shirt from a local store//pull & bear boots//


  1. love it! I love broken panties ;)

  2. awesome photos, carla! the lighting is fantastic and i'm having a great week. tomorrow is december and i'll have my rest day in the next two days. can't wait to spend time with the boyfriend.

    have a happy mid-week! :)

  3. love it :)

    love the edgy style!

    i so envy you! you could still wear shorts there ! :)

  4. I love this look, so casual and cool, the tshirt and shorts with ripped tights underneath is such a great combination! That last picture is so cute

  5. Really like this outfit!

  6. Really great Outfit, i like it + nice blog .. Lg DENISE<3

  7. Love the ripped tights, it totally takes the pressure off when you think about it! I hate when I get a run :) Thanks so much for stopping by, you should TOTALLY do a Christmas wish list too! I don't mind at all :)

    Love from DC,

  8. Mega yayness for the end of College to be over soon!Here in NZ we've JUST finished our semester and it is truly blisfull =D

    Very rockin outfit you're wearing hun. Agree with Ms Bang and Buch, very grungey ^_^


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  10. Oh, I know how tough it is in college... hang in there! :) You look lovely, that shirt is awesome!
    Good luck!


  11. Yes, it'll definitely all be worth it in the end! Cute outfit too!


    - teeney


  12. So loving that shirt Carlz. imissu. Hope we can hang again sometime. xoxo

  13. Amazing! I don't know if i could pull out this look, but you do! xx



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