Looking Super Bulky!!!

It's distracting! That big crack on my lip, yes it is! I guess my clothes can already explain pretty much why I have that annoying thing on my lower lip. It was supposed to better already. This morning when I was taking a shower however, I accidentally scratched the part with a towel really hard and it started to bleed. So there it is looking so fresh right again and it's the only thing I can see in these pictures. Never mind, this is an outfit post so I might as well ignore. These were taken by my little brother - if you've been reading my blog posts before, you may remember my sweet little brother who's always willing to help me out with blog pics. I never let him use the SLR before cos when he gets too excited, he has the tendency to break/ruin things without knowing it. Also, it's because the SLR isn't mine but Penguin's so I have to really take care of it. Today I let him handle it for a little while and he was so happy that he now wants to have one for himself. Cute. 

 Today was a long day, but fun. Now off to study for my exam tomorrow. Hope you guys had a great day too!

Cheers, Carla

On me://Top - Can't Two//Bag from a local store//dress worn as skirt from MPT//Jacket and stockings - MPT//Cotton On Sunnies//Cap - Target Sports//


  1. Carla, how old is your brother? I think you mentioned him before but sorry I forgot. He takes good photos ha. In fairness to him. And sorry to hear about your lips, it will get better soon. Hopefully. Be more careful next time. :)

  2. Looove your skirt! Gorgeous outfit, love the layering!

  3. I love the fun side of this outfit and I love that skirt

  4. Nice look, I love the shirt!
    Have a nice day.


  5. Great outfit, love the skirt!

  6. Loving the mix of florals, animal print, and puffy sporty jacket! Very very very pretty outfit, once again, you have proved the effortless chic trend is rockin' sweet :)
    Good luck!



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