My Feet's New Best Friends

I got this pair of Dr. Martens from Penguin for Christmas and I've been wearing them everyday since. They're super comfortable and goes just about with any outfit - skirt, dress, shorts, you name it. They are my feet's new best friend and I'm sure these would be seen here often from now on! (More photos here)

Now let's talk about my outfit. I can't decide if it's actually summer-ish or winter-ish, but I felt like wearing this romper suit with palm trees today so I did. Penguin thought it was a funny contrast to the cold weather but then again its not wrong to wear colors in winter. Besides, it wasn't very cold today which is why thin shorts and a pair of stockings did for me. What do you think of the look though? 

Cheers, Carla

on me//boots - Dr. Martens://romper suit - H&M//thrifted top//scarf - the black shop//


  1. really like your blog!

    follow you now!

  2. Yeah! I have ones and they're super comfortable! But they're pink and i don't wear them as much as i liked :)

  3. Gorgeous boots! Love your shorts too!

  4. aaah i love your docs and how insanely clean and new they look! haha xo

  5. Great Shoes like it .. LG DENISE<3

  6. Your outfit is very pretty and also your shoes are amazing


  7. I love your look, I always like the mixing of styles and seasons in many unexpected ways! Great choice, and fantastic boots! I might want to get a pair like that for myself too :)
    Good luck!

  8. brand new DM's for christmas? very, very swank. i wish someone fabulous would give me a pair as well. been crushing on metallic blue ones for forever!

    great look, love.:) lucky you you get to pull off so much of those looks being based in macau:)

    hope you drop by my site and leave some love as well:)

    Chic in the Tropics

  9. WOAH!! You got a pair?!? Lol luckyy, but they very nice on yaa!! (:


  10. Those are perfect! I am quite envious of those boots. They look so tough! And I love the unexpected palm tree print in the winter! It's just so random and fun! You are absolutely adorable, by the way.


  11. Cute outfit, lovely jumper!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  12. your shorts reminds me so much of versace and i'm drooling over your DMS!


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