Summer in Winter

That's how it felt like this afternoon when we took these photos. The sun was shining so bright despite the cold winds blowing, which explains my messy hair. But this isn't another post where I complain about the weather so, let's move on. I found this pair of leg warmers in my socks drawer and thought that they'd go perfectly with the ruffled cardigan I got from mom's shop. They're not the same shade of grey, and if you notice up close, the leg warmers' got some tiny color sprinklers going, like the ones you find on top of cakes. Those colors got me so I decided to wear them out today. Little did I know I'd be pulling them back up to stay put above my knees every two steps I take while I walked. It was such as hassle. Although I must say, for the pictures, they look pretty cool, don't you think? 

On another note, remember in a previous post I said I was gunna do some DIY projects inspired by the H&M dragon tattoo collection? Well, thought I'd show you guys one that I already did: the jacket that Penguin is wearing in the photo below (yes, it's a post on instagram). Actually it was his idea. I only did the execution - cutting, sewing, and those stuff. He asked me to take a photo of him wearing the jacket cos he wasn't confident enough about how it looked on him. I thought I'd ask you guys what are your thoughts?

Personally, I like the jacket a lot. In fact I'm going to make one for myself too, and that will be a DIY tutorial post. Hopefully it'll be up in this blog soon so... stay tuned! 

Cheers, Carla

on me://shorts - pull&bear//top - thrifted//cardigan and bag - MPT//sunnies&necklace - Cotton On//


  1. wonderful blog! welcome to my blog:):)

  2. i love the texture in the jacket and the socks - lovely bright outfit for winter!

  3. your look is amazing
    love the yellow shorts!

  4. Is awesome! I love the short and the socks, the whole outfit's just so cool <3 seriously!

  5. Hi darling! You have an incredible style and blog.! Thanks a lot for your comment in mine. I follow you. A kiss :)

  6. Adorable love the high socks and yellow is awesome on you.

  7. Gorgeous outfit! Love the mix of textures!

  8. what a great cardigan! it looks so warm. and those leg warmers are so cute. :)


  9. Great job on the jacket! I briefly saw the collection, but want to go browse again after the holidays. Love the sparkly effect of your leg warmers!

  10. The jacket you made him is perfect! I didn't know that you're so talented in re-fashioning things! I love it! Oh, and your legwarmers are awesome!
    Good luck!


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