I'm being bullied online! Hahaha. Haters.

Yesterday, I was Googling myself and I was overwhelmed by what I found. I discovered a few features from Teen Vogue from a few weeks ago which I didn't know about and I was really happy about it. My mood was all good for the whole day. Last night though, as I continued to look myself up, I found Teen Vogue's facebook page where they upload photos of people and things they featured on their website. I saw one of my pictures (from this post), and guess what?...
I received lots of negative comments from their subscribers! Wow! I never knew Teen Vogue readers could be so mean! One of them said I looked pregnant; One said I looked like a flag; and lots said "Dislike" or "unlike" or something like, "if you like this look, you don't know fashion at all". Hahaha. Well, I don't have to explain myself because I like what I was wearing and wouldn't redo it otherwise. Besides, I don't think teen vogue would have featured that look on their "snapshot" blog if they didn't approve, right? So suck it! Haha.
Of course I was hurt but then I know I can't please everyone and there will always be haters. I just hope though, those people would eventually mature and just shut their mouth if they've got nothing nice to say. They may be entitled to their own opinion, but I'm also entitled to express my style and wear anything I want, and I'll continue to do just that!

Cheers, Carla

on me:// chambray shirt - Can't two//Sweater - vintage//Skirt - DIY//Boots - Dr. Martens//Sunnies - Cotton On//
Photos by Chezka


  1. don't mind the haters carla, though you'll really get affected at first. i love your style Carla, just keep on blogging :)

  2. Hey Carla, such is life..you can never please anyone. Maybe, sour grapes too??!! Keep on blogging...do ya thing darling.



  3. Holy, I can't believe people would be that rude!! People are so messed up, that's ridiculous.
    I think you have such a unique wonderful style. Absolutely love the layering here, the leopard print skirt is amazing

  4. Hey Carla,
    Guess what they are all jealous of you =) You have an amazing sense of style and you inspire me daily (and many more people) So don't care about what they say you look beautiful as you are and you have a wonderful unique style =)

  5. congrats on the feature!:)
    love this look!


  6. LOVE this outfit. It's so chic! The colors and patterns go greatly together. xoxo!


  7. Oh, that's really terrible but don't mind them. Vogue chose you kaya! That's what matters most and of course, you know yourself better than those people. So, yeah. Haters gonna hate.

  8. Hey yeah, you can't even mind stupid people. If you're comfortable in your clothes and you think you look cool, that's all that matters.

    But um, to be honest, that "flag" look caught my eye (in a good way!) and it's the reason I found your blog from the teenvogue website!

    So keep doing what you're doing, there's not enough time in the world to try to please everyone.
    (that's something I am trying to live out within myself.)


  9. Don't worry about it Carla, I have had a lot of it in the past and everyone is hurt at first but you just have to remember, haters make you famous and that jealousy is the best form of flattery. Your right Teen Vogue wouldn't have featured you if they agreed with their readers and they know their stuff!!

    Stay strong :))


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  10. I can't imagine such hate toward your style because I think your style is so amazing and unique! I read your blog and always find inspiration and style ideas! Don't even bother those haters, that's all they got- hate! But you have an awesome blog, awesome followers, even more awesome style, and, yeah, you were featured on Teen Vogue! Ha! They're just jealous, that's all! Stay strong, and you look FABULOUS!!! :)
    Good luck!


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  12. OMG!! This has to be one of my favorite outfits from you (: Love everything about it!! BTW I definitely saw you on the Teen Vogue Tumblr sight as well&freaked !! LOL don't mind haters, they don't have lives, keep doing what you do!!



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