Super Red

I almost forgot I have this super red varsity jacket in my closet. Saw it the other day and decided to wear. I thought it looked OK in actual but after seeing this photos, I was surprised to see how red it actually is. Wait till you see the inside part (it's reversible), which is even more red, with a red dragon embroidery at the back. Because of its redness and the dragon detail, definitely very Chinese, I'm planning to wear it in the coming Chinese New Year holidays. Hopefully I can take photos so that I can show you guys what I mean. I can't promise though, because I've started my internship this week and I'm pretty sure my schedule will be tight again in the coming weeks. My fingers are crossed, hoping to get some days off during the golden week so I can catch up on blogging and my social life. My work is not well so far... I can't say I hate it... but it's not going as I hoped it would. Hopefully though, it'll get better. Wish me luck.

Cheers, Carla

on me://jacket - Wynn Signature//tank top - Esprit//Shorts - local store//Bag - Zara//
Photos by Penguin


  1. This jacket reminds me of the movie drive (in an awesome way) love it with the shorts and tights. I love how you pull this off

  2. Really like the jacket

  3. this is perfect for chinese new year! love those chevron tights, too!


  4. really cute!!! you have beautiful blog :)
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  5. Love your outfit!

  6. Love the jacket, but I would see it in a slightly different combination.

    PS You have the cutest eyes!

  7. I love your varsity jacket, Carla. I think I'll add this on my must-have list. I saw one in f21 but want it in black. So many things to buy, so little funds.

  8. That's one fierce jacket! Love it, especially the retro feel and red color! The patterned tights look great too :) Aww, really hope you figure out your job situation... I know how hard is to do something you're not 100% happy about :/
    Good luck!


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