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Hello darlings! Like I told you I'd share about this - the special somethings Penguin got me for Valentines! We found them while we were walking about at Sunstar City. The ring is rad. I saw this from one blogger (sadly I can't recall which blog) and liked it so much, but didn't expect I'd be able to find the same here (like with many things I see online).
The bracelet is pretty special. Penguin bought it because it matches the Charriol ring he gave me on Christmas 2 years ago. After looking through windows and displays of many accessories shops, looking for the perfect bracelet/ring/necklace for both of us, we finally settled for this; It's simple with a twist. Yes, I said both of us. That's what's special about them; we both have them, couple-matchy-matchy. Actually, we have a lot of "couple-matchy-matchy" things. It's not new for me to say that I do most of my shopping with him as he's the best shopping partner I've ever had. It's been that way since we got together and there are times when we just like exactly the same things. We have same T-shirts, jackets, necklaces, etc. I don't mean everything is identical. Some things, made for couples really. Like once he gave me a Tee with a drawing of a panty in front, while his had briefs. We have the same necklace from Q'ggle, mine in gold and his silver. Things like those.
It's been a while since we got something in pairs, so he got us these. =)
Anyway, that's about it. Oh, and below is the ring he gave me that Christmas.

Cheers, Carla


  1. That is so sweet <3 I do my shopping with my bf too but we have totally different tastes. Love the ring is really cute and the bracelet too :)

  2. these are really beautiful!i like the bracelet lovely :)

  3. I love that nail ring!!!


  4. Nice bracelet and your blog as well darling!
    Would you maybe like to follow us each others? I´ll be really happy :)

  5. That bracelet is so cute, I love it! <3

  6. Maybe it's safe to say that you both are the male/female version of each other. Great accessories you got for each other. I'm drooling! I also want to have something like that for my boyfriend and I. :-)

    I hope you get to visit my blog soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  7. omg that is such a beautiful bracelet for sure.

    xo kaitlin

  8. simply romantic! especially it's a gift of Valentines...
    happy for u!

    follow u now :)

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  9. AWE sooo sweet of him! Your one lucky girl (:



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