A glimpse of my typical Saturday

Here's what a typical Saturday for me would be. Other than being stuck at mom's shop, I spend the the day with Penguin, at his crib watching a movie, or checking out cool stuff on our favorite stores, often at the Venetian if not Sunstar City or the local stores around Soi Hang Mei area and red market. Not everything we can afford of course (such as those pictured here), but its free to admire the things they sell right? 
Today, he needed to shoot photos of shops/malls for a school project he was doing. You bet it was perfect timing for me to tag along, not only because he had the camera with him but actually because its impossible to take outfit photos outdoors right now. The weather is being a total bummer for the past few days - so dull, foggy, cold, and rainy, all at the same time, ugh!  No point complaining. And so we went, but unlike any other Saturdays, we took lots of photos today. So many chic things to see.
Anyhooo, if you follow me on instagram, you must have seen another DIY I did recently --- studs! Yes, yes, its another trend going around - studded everything, including collars. So I'm giving in to this trend and customized a few stuff, obviously this shirt I'm wearing too. It's addicting! When Penguin and I went fabric hunting, we hunted for studs too; bought some and got creative. Now I wanna put them on everything! Haha.

So that's about my day, How has your day been?

Cheers, Carla

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Photos by Penguin


  1. Great photos! I really like the studded collar and your shoes look amazing!

    Have a great weekend!
    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  2. I love the orange with the black, thats sweater is sooo gorgeous and so is your skirt. I love your accessories too. Looks like a pretty good saturday to me! I usually work saturdays so mine are SUPER boring

  3. great photos, nice mall

  4. The studded collar is amazing! I need to do that to some of my blouses soon!

  5. the studded collar is great I love the whole look


  6. Great sweater and tights!


  7. This is an amazing outfit- I really like the collar of your blouse, along the shoes! Those shoes are so pretty! And I am loving your ring-party there! :) Aaww, I'm on Instagram too, I'll find you there!
    Good luck!


  8. Hi, Carla!
    Very wonderful your saturday!
    I like kate spade!!!
    Beautiful show window!
    But your customized shirt is better than kate!!!!!

    I am sorry reply about your question.
    I skied only one time.
    I was not able to slide...
    At that time, I went to shigakogen at Nagano.
    Many japanese people go to Nagano for ski and snow board!

    akiko in Tokyo

  9. Great outfit, It looks like you had fun, the shirt is fabulous! Lovely pictures too :)


    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


  10. So cute, love everything about this look :)

    Be Frassy

  11. Beautiful look!!! I like your blog!!
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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