The Metallic Blazer

This is what I was telling you about; the metallic blazer I found at Zara yesterday. Mom says it's like a piece of clothing from another planet. She's not big on metallic or glittery things, but I figured what she meant was the material used for the blazer gave it a futuristic edge. And I might agree. Anyway, I did wear them today. I did take pictures. The problem was, all of the photos taken this afternoon were blurred! Literally. I wish at least one whole-body photo could be used, but I double, triple checked and really couldn't find a decent one. I want to blame my brother (Paulo this time), but he was already kind enough to help me out even though he didn't know how to work the camera, so I didn't bother. Oh well, there's always next time, right? Here's just a glimpse of what I wore today. It's a typical Sunday - went to mass in the morning, had lunch with the family, then stayed at mom's shop for a little while before heading back home. What did you do today?

Cheers, Carla

On me://Blazer-Zara//Top-MPT//Jeans-Can't Two//Shoes-Black Moss//
Photos by Paulo


  1. Love the look dear, that blazer is really something!


  2. so cute, love it! :)

  3. thank you so much for your lovely comment! you have a very cool blog :)

  4. gorge shoes!

  5. GORGEOUS! I love love love that blazer, especially paired with the leopard shoes. I have a thing for leopard!


  6. Oh, I love your gold Zara blazer! That's an awesome piece to own! I actually finally went to Zara myself today to check out the sales, and I found the most stunning white coat down from $130 for $40!!! I had to sit down for a little bit and really believe what just has happened :) LoL
    Good luck!

  7. That blazer is amazing!!!! Love the shoes.

  8. Great outfit ,I love the shoes :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Really nice blazer, love it:)

    xx Laura

  10. i love your metallic jacket, it really has a futuristic touch to it,however the black lapels make it appropriate for any outfit.

  11. Wow! I really love the metallic blazer and your shoes. ♥

    I love following your blog. Thanks for the comment on mine.

    Rochelle =^~^=

  12. omg! that metallic blazer is a dream to own. I love all things metallic and this is absolutely divine. your leopard print heels are lovely too! :)

  13. those leopard shoes are awesomeee!

    xx jasmine

  14. Der Blazer ist so schön. Wie gerne hätte ich so einen, aber bei uns habe ich bisher noch nie einen solchen gefunden.


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