Valentine's Day Wishlist

I want these things. Scratch. I need these things!
I have become a sucker for things with a little hint of rock and roll, and I find myself constantly looking for more online. But that's all I can do for now, google them, and wish I to have 'em. For the love month, I wish for these things. Wish. Love.

1. Sequined Shorts - Top Shop
3. Red Velvet Shoe Boots - Christian Louboutin
4. Studded Heart Purse - French Connection

Cheers, Carla


  1. the top is amazing!lovely wishlist

  2. oh my. looove it. especially those sequinned shorts. dangg!

    xx jasmine

  3. I WANT THAT LOVE RING. Oh my god, so amazing. And so is that purse, so coool!! Anything with a bit of edge is so awesome

  4. love these pants... glamorous & sexy!

  5. Great wishlist! Those sequin shorts are outta this world :) I'd live in them if I could! Really adoring your blog and your style. following you on bloglovin'.
    And thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate your support <3


  6. Great wishlist! :) I love the sequined shorts and the purse!!! <3

  7. C. i found your blog in the most anorthodox way, by reading a comment of yours at IFB saying that you are not one to play "follow you if you follow me". As i am new to blogging (i started just two months ago), i've got tons of emails, IFB inbox messages and comments on my blog stating to follow me if i followed them back. as i didn't know how blogging worked i made the effort to check out their blog and follow, but they never followed me back or messaged me again.which was really irritating. and then i found your comment on a particular subject discussed at IFB, and i was glad that someone felt the same way i felt.
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    back to your posts and blog, as i checked it out i fell in love with your style and your style of blogging so i decided to follow you. i can't help but admire the fact that you have so many loyal readers and features in magazines.
    Marianne of
    i will wait for you to reply to my message. i hope we keep in touch and become blogger buddies.
    i hope that you don't consider this message as spam as this is not my intention (not that i would mind if you followed me, after reading and liking my blog - LOL).

  8. That heart bag is gorgeous! So, so cute. xx

  9. Ooo...I want that Christian Louboutin shoes too!! They are great to look at and on your feet too =)

  10. I am crushing on the French Connection purse- so gorgeous!!! Hope you get them ALL :)
    Good luck!

  11. Gorgeous pants!
    I must go to Top Shop In Tokyo!

    akiko in Japan

  12. Great post, the shorts are fabulous :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  13. i'm in love with those topshop shorts!

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  15. what a lovely list!
    thank you for dropping by my blog dear and for the lovely comment. now following your blog. hope you can follow back :)

  16. thanks for your comment hun!
    I have followed you as i love your blog!
    keep in touchh xxx

  17. GREAT SET.


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