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It's been quite a busy week at work. Not that I had a lot to do, but I hadn't been staying at the office these days, rather out and about. What with being an event student and all, I had to help out with some events going on outside the function of the marketing department. I should have been eager to learn some useful things and gain new knowledge. In fact I was, at first. But things didn't turn out the way they were supposed to, and I found myself working with the ... let's say the most subtle word could be... craziest people ever (and I don't mean that the fun way). Ok, maybe not actually working with them cos in fact I didn't do much work at all. But watching them do things, mess things, argue with each other, blame each other, comments here and there, eventually feeling the pressure because there seems to be a lot to do, but there's no way I could help because in fact, no one seemed to know what they were doing at all, let alone delegate tasks. I won't say much anymore, but I guess I was bored, felt useless, and had an overall unpleasant experience. What cheered me up after a long day today was when Penguin picked me up after our event at the Venetian, strolled around for a couple while and bought this bag and tee from pull and bear. I guess I've been itching to buy something for days now anyway, and timing couldn't just be more perfect cos now I really have an excuse to buy, haha. But hey, it's a decent bag that I think would be useful for everyday use. Just the right color for spring, right size, and style, don't you think? My new everyday bag. Hope you guys had a good week, not as unpleasant as mine. 

Cheers, Carla
p.s. I'm already onto the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Can't stop reading!!!


  1. that pink bag is so amazing!
    so girlie!

    xo kaitlin

  2. Crazy people flock to me, that's why I'm in psychology.
    That pink bag is amazing!! I loooove it! So awesome

  3. nice stuff


  4. love this purse! xxx

  5. That purse is such an eye candy! I love the color, and I love anything detailed with gold. I can't wait to see you sporting it. :-)

    I hope you get to visit my blog soon. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.


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