Weekend Inspiration

Suddenly, it's summer in the city. I'm dreaming of an escapade to a place nowhere near this urban jungle, where I can breathe in cool ocean breezes, soak my feet in salty sea waters, and lay down lazily under the sun. As I write, my mind is wandering. A weekend getaway wouldn't be so bad either, if only road trips were possible in this forsaken place. Unfortunately, we're surrounded with nothing but water. And you'd think I meant the good kind; the kind for boating or swimming. Well why do you think I'd still want to go away? There's are reason they call the beach here "Hac Sa" (which means black sand in English).
Clearly, summer isn't for this place.  

Our usual summer spots aren't as good as they were anymore. There aren't many other left besides that haven I found at the Hard Rock Hotel the previous summers. But that has changed too, thanks to one particular employee who completely tainted that image formed in my head. I can only go as far as to sharing what I thirst for through these photos... for now. Promise me, right after my internship, I can savor this long awaited vacation.


  1. Summer it's not of this place either....so much rain here!!!!
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  2. Its sunny here but the wind makes it cold, I love this inspiration though!!


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