4 Years of Penguin Love

This post is dedicated to the boy of my life. Four years of bearing with my neediness, grumpiness, stubbornness, all the while still treating me like a princess, I feel that dedicating a single post is not close to being enough to justify how perfect of a boyfriend he's been. Scratch. It's really not enough. But I promised to share with you guys what we did on the 4th of May, so here's a "Penguin" post altogether.

I'm a little disappointed to realize we didn't really take pictures when we went out the other day (except for my outfit post previously). All I found were instagram photos of our food from the dinner at Hardrock. Bummer. But I gathered some of my favorite photos of us which are definitely worth sharing so they make up for the lack thereof. 

The 4th of May. He picked me up at my place then we headed to Galaxy UA theater to see The Cabin in the woods. The movie was great, and when it ended, we walked around the Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian to kill time while waiting to have dinner. As you know by now we had dinner at Hardrock Cafe. We were supposed to have buffet dinner somewhere else, but since I haven't tried eating at Hardrock (it's newly opened), he let me decide which I wanted.  Believe me though, with the dishes we ordered, I still felt that we had that buffet dinner all the same. Pretty awesome. We came a little too early because the band was set to play at 9:00 which we didn't know, and we only found out halfway through our main course and it was only around 8:00. We had to slow down chewing a little bit and chat with some of the staff to let time pass. They were pretty casual with their guests anyway, and were allowed to mingle. 

After dinner, we walked back to his place and he surprised me with a present... this Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings =) He knows me too well because I've been meaning to buy a pair for the summer but I never really got around to doing so. Sometimes I just didn't have the money. And sometimes when I did, I totally forget about what I wanted to buy. Now I finally have them and they're extra special because he gave them to me!

So anyway, like I said, I gathered some photos. Honestly we're a vain couple. We have lots of photos together that I can't even keep track of anymore. I only keep my favorites on my desktop, and here's some of them. 

These were from our first anniversary. We had dinner at 360 Restaurant, high up at the Macau Tower. I like looking at these a lot cos I get to remember how thin we used to be. Hehe. 

These were from our summer vacation in the Philippines with friends 2 years ago. The trip was an epic fun, and fail at the same time. All the same, we had so much fun.

So that's about my Penguin. Bear with me if you think this post is too cheesy. That's just the way it is, hehe. This blog wouldn't even be the way it is without him, and so is my life. He's just the best, so I can say I'm lucky to have him =)

Cheers, Carla


  1. So cute carla!! How old are you just wondering? I'm so jeal that you have such a perfect boyfriend and for FOUR YEaRS . gawsh. :) anyways, cute pictures! :)

  2. These pictures are fantastic, you guys are basically the cutest couple ever I've decided!! The food looks super yummy, and your new earrings are so wicked. This was such a sweet post, I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of you two together, 4 years is quite an accomplishment!

  3. That is sooo cute :)

  4. what a cute post! you two are adorable together.

  5. omg u are so cute together!!!
    ia m glad for u guys :3
    i love ur blog!
    wanna follow each other? <3



  6. Aww you make such a cute couple! Happy anniversary :)

    Lovely gift that your boyfriend got you!

  7. Happy Anniversary gurr! Still so happy for you after 4 years! Fyture Cousin, LOL!

    - Che

  8. You guys are so cute together! I loved reading about your special day~ your bf sounds so great :D


  9. Aww, what a cute couple! :)
    He sounds like the perfect guy, haha. Definitely need someone to treat you like a princess!

    Trendy Teal

  10. Oh, it's not cheesy!!! So kilig! Haha! Really! Aww. Cheers to more love and happiness, Carla! <3


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