Casual in Leopard Prints

If you guys follow me on instagram, you probably have seen these shorts a couple of times already. I've been wearing them almost nonstop in the last few days and still won't stop. But like I said, shorts have been my uniform as of late, what with the heat and all. Anyway in case you haven't seen my insta posts, I also mentioned that this was my latest DIY. I had my eyes set on a few similar shorts at but really I admit to you, I can never afford those. So why not? If I can't buy 'em, make 'em!

I'm planning on doing a tutorial post about these shorts because I haven't done a DIY post in a long time. However I'm not sure if anyone would be interested. If you guys are, let me know through the comments so that I can prepare. Meanwhile, I'd like to thank you guys for the sweet comments you've been writing for the last couple of posts. They really make me smile all the time. I've been having such a great week because you guys kept me inspired. So thank you! =)

Cheers, Carla

On me://Shorts - Customized, American Eagle//Shirt - Thrifted//Blazer - H&M//Belt - Roxy//USA necklace - Forever21//Creepers - Cotton On//Foxtail from Sunstar//

-- Photos by Penguin --


  1. I love your short and yours shoes! xoxo

  2. You definitely should do a DIY, I want to make these!! They're amazing, and they look really great with this blazer

  3. I love the H&M blazer ! I've been looking for a similar one everywhere with no luck thus far. Also, you're quite crafty! Those look exactly like the ones you can buy at!!! SO JEALOUS you are a great DIYer :)

  4. Thank you for your visit!
    I love your Look!
    I´m Following you..follow me too!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  5. I would love to see a tutorial! These are amazing- I'm so impressed you made them!

    Charlotte x

  6. Love the shorts, you look great!

  7. Great outfit! and Ombre would be such a good look for you!!! try it :D


  8. You have such a unique style, personal, Lov it! :)

  9. Omg, I would be wearing those shorts all the time too!
    They're just awesome <3
    Really hope you do the DIY on these, because I'd love to try it. Love these shorts <3

    Trendy Teal

  10. LOVE this outfit you look so fantastic!

  11. ah! im obsessed with those cutoffs :) I've been looking for the perfect pair myself!
    you've styled them gorgeously, not to mention your own true beauty :D

    tiana of l'esthetique

  12. HI CARLA, I'm following now and thank you for your sweet comment!:)

  13. love this outfit :) especially your necklace! x

  14. woww! is perfect!!

    i follow you now:)and you??


  15. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    Cool shorts. And my favorite is that blazer! SOOO AWESOME (I think I've told you that before though :)

  16. I really adore the blazer and shorts. I am not so good with DIY and I've been spending a lot of time learning how to cook. Haha! Kaloka! Sleepover in the boy's place means I have to get up early and make him breakfast. I can't complain though. Chos!

    Can't wait for the DIY tutorial. =)

  17. Would love to know how to make these! They are stunning. Oh and the shoes are perfect.
    Maybe you could check out my blog too? It's

  18. i love ur style<3
    simple and elegant :D
    follow me
    im a new fashion blogger :D


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