Lately, in Black and White

Can't wait to be done with my internship and start playtime. While I've been out and about lately with the best people I can be with, it's never a full summer without a proper vacation. Soon you'll see this blog filled with the memories that we're about to make, and I will take you all with me. But for now, I leave you with these photos and have them speak for themselves. Have a great day!

Cheers, Carla

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  1. love to see some black and white shots! sometimes those are better than colours xoxo
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  2. lovely photos, I like this effect!:) xoxo

  3. wooo, bnw is A-DO-RABLE! hihihihi
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  4. I love the pics beautiful post love it!
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  5. you are so gorgeous! lovely pictures :D xo

  6. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    really nice pics!!! xoxo from Spain

  7. Yeah its really hard to post during holiday thats why i took to just uploading one photo for each post :( where are you heading to? thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

    I've followed you on bloglovin and GFC, hope you could follow me back :)

    xoxo, alee

  8. ooh congratulations on your soon to be ending internship. you are right, then you can really truly enjoy the summer!
    lovely photos i am such a fan of black and white i think they really change the mood to something more serious and introspective. you and your friends look great in these photos!

    xx rae

    pop by when you have time and follow if you like: <3

  9. I love black and white pictures! Yours are great!

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  10. these pics are so great! great idea to turn them in black and white!

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    xxx Ros.e.

  11. Great pictures! Thanks for the comment on my blog ;-)


  12. Thank you for your lovely comment :) Like your blog, do you want to join my blog presentation? xx

  13. Hello, I come from Germany so my Englisch isn't so good :)
    I like your posts, they are really good and you've got beautiful pictures!

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    xoxo Anna <3

  14. Thank you very much. Your style is also really cool and I love your blog - I will follow your blog!


  15. Oooh, very nice pictures! I love photography, so I'm really appreciating your high quality snaps. Cute, can't wait to see more summer fun :)

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  16. Awesome photos! Looks like you've been enjoying yourself! Love the black & white look!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! :)

  17. Thank you for comment on my blog dear!
    I love your blog
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  19. gorgeous! lovely black and white ♥
    where do you apply for your internship? :D

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    cheers !

  20. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Maybe we can meet up when you are in HK:) I'm following you now. Hope you can follow me back! Have a fabulous day!xoxo


  21. Beautiful pictures!
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  22. These black and white photos are great.

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  23. uh, thank you dear :)

    Black & white shots are my fav ;). Lovely pics dear! The last one in my fav. awn :)
    bisous xxx

  24. I just fell in love with your style xxx

  25. Great, sweet and just lovely pics! :)
    Your blog is nice dear. ♥

    Thanks for your comment!



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