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I've been moved back to the marketing office at work for the rest of my internship, which is why the past few days, I got back to wearing heels. I've mentioned this before and like I said, I don't know if it's just me or it's normal at all, but during summer times, I have this thing about heels - for some reason, they make me feel uncomfortable if I wear them under extreme heat. My idea of summer outfits is casual cool, laid-back, and comfortable, so you may have noticed that in my previous posts, I've been all about shorts and flats (last year, it was all about summer dresses and ballet flats). But since I have a reason to dress up on a daily basis, my heels become quite useful. Anyway, this was what I wore today. I wear a black blazer when I'm inside the office to make me look a bit formal and professional, and also cause it's uniform. But outside, it's definitely a no-no. I brought out these yellow chunky heels too! I've only worn them once because they're a half inch bigger than my size. At the time, I wanted them badly, I didn't mind buying this pair which is already the smallest size available. I don't regret doing so, but I'm a little wobbly when I walk in them. Oh well, pretty things come in with a price.  

I hope you all have a great weekend! I really really can't wait for the internship to be over... Sorry I've been  saying this for so many times already but I just really am. Haha. Bear with me. Enjoy loves!

Cheers, Carla

On me://top - Romwe//Trousers and Bag - Pull&Bear//Shoes - Nine West//Watch - Casio//Necklace - Local Store//

-- Photos by Penguin --


  1. I love your details ;)

  2. I am reallly loving this look, those chunky heels are amazing. And this blouse is awesome, I love the print on it and the fact that the back is sheer. Gorgeous!

  3. thx dear for the comment :)
    really love you top and the shoes :D

  4. OMG such a cool top!!!! I love it with the necklace and pumps. You have an eye for color, girl! <3
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  5. cute look! :)
    xx the cookies
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  6. wow i love the colors
    you looooook soo so gorgeous
    love this !

    amaazing, doll!

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

  7. love your top <3 so cool!!! :D

    thank you so much for visiting me :** followed you back of course :)
    If you want to, we can also personallt follow on fb :)

    hope you'll visit me soon, I'll try to visit you on every post :))

  8. I totally get that thing about heels. They can be really icky during hot weather. I think it might be something to do with a combination of slipping and sliding, and just the overall fact that they require more energy to walk with!

    Open sandals are so much easier and more relaxing. That being said, I'm sort of glad you moved departments at work, because I love seeing your high-heeled shoes! This yellow pair is awesome, and I cannot express how cool it is that you're so able to pllay with color.

    The necklace with that shirt is such an interesting, but gorgeous combo!


  9. Yeah, I need open toed shoes during the summer! Haha, but these heels are just gorgeous. I love the thick heel and yellow color. Its a perfect match with your awesome colored tank! You always looks so amazing. Another fave look of mine from you :)

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  10. love the tee and the necklace

  11. Lovely top! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Followed you :)

  12. hey dear... your blog is great... follow each other??? let me know ok!

  13. ANG COLORFUL!! Ang saya lang. :) See you soon!!


  14. I love your top!!! <3

  15. great combination with your pants, aaah I love your top!
    stunning accessories too!
    I'm following you now, mind to follow me back?


  16. AnonymousJune 30, 2012

    Hi dear! Nice outfit! Love colors and you're a beautiful girl!
    amazing shoes! <3
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  17. smashing!!! hot, u look stunning my dear. great combo, lurv ur mustard color shoes.
    rock on your new follower hope u do the same.

  18. lovely top! cool,

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  20. I have new post, finally, so if you are bored or either interested, check it out!

    PS amazing outfit!

  21. This outfit makes me smile because it's so summery and nice. I love the heels especially. <3

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  22. Love this whole outfit!! Thank you for the lovely comment! Do you want to follow each other? :-)

    Danie B

  23. i like the colour combination! cute necklace, and those shoes are lovely! <3

    following your blog now :D xx

  24. that top is amazing!

  25. love your heels and the topp <3 you're so pretty!


  26. your top is so gorgeous!

    xx Joelle

  27. I love this top - it is sooo cool! It looks effortless with the outfit and I can only imagine it is really fun to style in so many different ways! :)


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