Summer Getaway Wishlist

I can't wait to start packing my bags for the coming trip that I'm planning with Penguin and two other friends. Even though it's not gunna be until this month is over, I'm already thinking of things that I want to bring. I have in mind of course to keep things simple - I think for the whole trip I'll stick to denim shorts, sheers, and tees. We have to travel light, you see. But if I'll have an opportunity to shop for things to bring, you might see that what I plan to bring will be similar to the above.... Neon, prints, tie-dye...  If, that is, if, I do get the chance to shop beforehand. Otherwise, I'll stick to what I currently have. Haha. Anyway, if you'd like to know where I found these pretties, here's the list (with click through links):

1. Equipment Leandra Bright White Shirt - Oxygen Boutique
2. Vintage Dyed Cut-off Denim Shorts - Runwaydreamz
3. Louis Studded Patent Leather Sneakers - Christian Louboutin via Net-A-Porter
4.Aztec Bikini - Penneys
5. Pleated Chinos - Pull & Bear
6. Tai Green Pyramid Charm Bracelet - Endless
7. Pom Pom Necklace - Matthew Williamson via SSENSE
8. Cap - Vans
9. Tropical Print Shorts - Pull & Bear
10. Nude Camisa - Analoren
11. Gold Tone Torque Necklace - River Island
12. Dominique Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck
13. Perforated Leather Shorts - Kelly Bergin via Net-A-Porter
14. Peplum Blouse - H&M
15. Bold Gold Necklace - Jung Ee Un via Boticca

And that's all for tonight loves!

Cheers, Carla


  1. I want than aztec swimweaar!

  2. I love all of your choices, especially the necklace:)

  3. I love the bikini♥ I want itttt :)

    xx Flor ..

  4. nice post love the necklace
    take a look at my blog,we can follow each other if you want

  5. I love the vintage denim shorts!! So rock & roll!

  6. love the trainers and the leather shorts!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  7. aaah these are all so nice! I want them all

  8. Omgsh *_*
    You are not helping my shopping addiction!!!
    Haha, I seriously want everything you've listed. Those spiked sneakers, tribal print swimsuit...gah, I love tit all!

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    Trendy Teal

  9. these are great picks. I can't even begin to tell you which is my favorite. from this, I can tell we have similar taste but you are more edgier than me!

  10. i love all those items! want all of them as well!

  11. love all of these :) Just followed you :) Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  12. I'm loving the bikini--so colorful and cute!


  13. The one thing I hate about traveling is that when I think about what to bring, I always forget one thing. Like I went down to columbia sc to visit the supreme court (criminal justice class field trip) and we came in dressed-up. Afterwards we could change, and I forgot my tennis shoes. So I was wearing regular clothes with dress shoes. Not fun.

  14. Time to shop after looking at such delights!
    Keep Smiling:D


    great style

  16. Pretty! I love everything but most especially the bikini. ♥

  17. almost need to copy you're wish list hahaha! it's amazing


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