Gran's Backyard

So I said I've been laying low, right? Times like this I start to appreciate the natural surroundings I'm in. While I took a look around my grandmother's backyard with my camera, I found so many little things that I realized I can never see on a daily basis back in Macau. Take these animals for example - would I see goats and chickens running freely around the city like they do here? Don't think so. I guess sometimes the simplest things can be so cool.

Anyway, obviously I incorporated an outfit of the day within this post, wearing one of my newly purchased flats. There isn't really any particular reason for me to dress up here as I stay at home all day. But I have plans to go out and find whatever friends I have left here to reunite and catch up with them, hopefully. If that ever happens, I'll share with you guys. Be patient with me darlings, and just consider that this blog is on vacation, and the usual outfit posts will resume when summer ends. Until then, I leave you with these!

Cheers, Carla 
on me://Top - MPT//Shorts - American Eagle (customized)//Flats - SM Department store//Necklace & Bracelet - Forever21, SG//Shamballa - Cutey//


  1. Beautiful Pics :-) i Can see jackfruit we have Those in jamaica..

  2. Great look,also and pictures :)

  3. Thanks for your comment Carla, I'm following you now! Hope you will follow me back so we can keep in touch =)

  4. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    these pictures are amazing. so beautiful. :) and you're wearing such a lovely outfit!

    thanks for visiting my blog, I'm your new follower... :)


  5. You have a great blog! I'm following you too!

  6. Cute shorts ♥

    - Em

  7. Kahit vacation mode, you still got time to update us with your posts. =)


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