Stars and Stripes

Look what I found! Bought this pair of shorts in Bangkok and completely forgot about it when I got back until now. I never tried it on before purchasing, so I didn't realize they're actually kind of tight. Still, with it being stars and stripes, they're pretty cool. Anyhoooo, I'm back in Macau, finally home. A few more days of vacation and back to school again. I can't say I'm excited but I'm trying to put off the thought as much as possible. Just enjoying the rest of summer days before it really comes to an end. Hope you had an amazing time.

On another note, wanna let you guys know that Vedette Shapewear recently started an ongoing deal for all of you blog readers of Little Miss Violet! It's called the $9.99 CATALOG. Every week, they'll release a catalog of their products wherein you guys can choose and have the opportunity to own as many as you like for free!!! All you have to pay for is the $9.99 handling fee (for any place internationally!) 
Below is this week's catalog.

To claim a shapewear, send your orders to with a subject code Ved9cat or call the number provided on the catalog above. Don't forget to choose your size as these orders aren't accepted for exchange or return. As this giveaway is open to my readers, do check back every week for the latest catalog which will be up on the blog as they are released. Good Luck!

On me://Shorts - Chatuchak Market, Bangkok (similar here)//Tank top - Hanes (Mens)//SWAG necklace from a local store//


  1. Your post mad me feel bad? When did you visit bangkok? I as there last week and Im so stupid for not buying that shorts. I thought it was too outrageous but what am I thinking?! Fashion sense was not on me that name. Anyway love your shorts!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Nice shorts, follow each other on GFC and FB?

    1. Unfortunately, I deactivated my FB account for almost a month now. And sorry whats GFC?

  3. Wow. LOVE those shorts on you. Sexy mo lang. =)

  4. Wow! I love those shorts!
    Way to gorgeouss!

    ♡ candace from [ aphrodite blue ]

  5. I love these shorts! :D

    New post on my blog!

  6. Whoa, those patriotic shorts are just so awesome! I wish we had it for our Independence Day here in the States...haha, they'd be perfect :)

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    Trendy Teal

  7. I want one of these :)!

  8. THAT SHORTS! I waaant!!

  9. Lovely shorts... :)

  10. Hi Carla, love your name and your blog too!!! Thank you for the comment in my blog, I'm your new blog follower. I hope you will follow me back.

    Kiss, Vera

  11. Loving the shorts! It doesn't look that tight in pictures though :)
    You look very pinay and I love the laid-back outfits + accessories!
    Follow back?
    & Thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. Thanks,for your comment on my blog.^^
    Nice shorts.*_* Follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???

  13. Perfect short i love it! is amazing.

  14. Love the Shorts! Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog! <3 following you now! hope you can follow me too! Xx


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