Bicol Weekend Photo Diary

We spent the weekend at Bagasbas, the closest beach accessible from this little town. Last time I was here could be over 5 years ago and a lot has changed I must say. From what I remember, this area was pretty much dead. People barely came here except for a stroll to catch some fresh air. I was surprised to see how lively it has become, neat and clean, and from what I hear, it has become quite the local tourist attraction. Bars and karaoke stations are scattered by the bay, while different sorts of water activities seem to be on the rise to popularity. It looks promising. Maybe if I come back again in another 5 years. 

We didn't stay long. But enough to make us all satisfied and have a wonderful day. I hope I'll be able to visit the place again soon to take more pictures before I leave for Manila. Fingers crossed for the weather to be better.

On another note, here's another thing I did this weekend - nail art. I saw my little cousin doing her nails and I joined in. Well, it's not much. But I thought it very much suited where I am right now, very Philippines yeah? Haha. Just wanted to share. Have a great week!

Cheers, Carla


  1. beautiful shots taken here <3

  2. aaah i want to go to the beach too :/
    you photos looks so gorgeous
    and i absolutely love your shorts *_*
    wish you still great holidays :)

  3. looks really fun! :)


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  4. Carla, I hope you and your family are all well and safe. Manila's pretty flooded right now. Read it on the news.

  5. What a beautfiul trip and such a beautiful beach,I would love nothing more than to be chilling at the beach.
    Love the glimpse of those cool denim shorts and animal print! And your nails are cute and really fun,its always great to experiment with nail paint!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment :) It means alot you stopped by my new post x
    Hope your having a wonderful day x

  6. im such a huge fan of nail out. your trip looks amazing
    i'm following you i hope youll follow back

  7. I pretty much love every combination of red on nails, so this is great!


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