Casual Weekend and The Betsey Window

Here's one of my weekend-report posts, you know the usual where I talk about random things and where I'm not all dressed up. I should make a category on this already because it seems that I've done this over and over, but I can't help it (see this post, this, this, and this as some). Anyway you get my point.

So today I went to the movies with Penguin but before that, believe it or not, he went shopping (read: He, not I). For some reason, I didn't feel the need to buy anything. Maybe because I know I can't anyway. But then at some point, I have to give it a break, don't we all? And with dressing up too, which is why I'm all dressed down today. Honestly, I don't expect to live up to the blogger image of always being stylishly dressed and with new stuff (sorry to disappoint). Sometimes, it feels good to just dress up like ordinary people for an ordinary day.

Referring to the other part of the title, look at what we saw at the Betsey Johnson window display?! Real, live, mannequins! I was inside the store behind them checking out the pretty heels when one of the girls suddenly moved. I was like "oh, she's alive". That's when I realized what was the commotion outside all about. And since I was visible through the window from the outside as well, I found myself looking at a crowd of people with cameras snapping right there and then. Penguin and I went out of the store and joined in, being silly and all, and snapped away too. Call me ignorant but it's not everyday that I get to see real-life barbies.

Well, that's all. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

On me:
Top - Etam
Pants - Pull & Bear
Creepers - Local Store
Bag -

-- Photos by Penguin --


  1. nice shoes :)

  2. LOVE the live mannequins! That's so cool! :) You look awesome, love the shoesss <3

  3. Thats why I try to do "casual sundays", I'm not always super dressy, and it's nice to see other bloggers in casual wear!! You look super cute, I love that top. Thats crazy that the mannequins were alive!

  4. Whoa, real life mannequins? That's awesome!
    Oh and Carla, I love that you're so real. Honestly, that's how bloggers should be. We're not always dressed to the nines every single day! That'd be unrealistic.

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  5. you're too cute.
    loove your outfit!

  6. Love this outfit! A perfect weekend look :)


  7. very nice!!!
    I've a new post!

  8. I love your outfit so much. Have a great weekend girl!!


  9. Great look!!

  10. i really love your outfit ** and your creepers are perfect :)

  11. love your shoes! and oh! is that human mannequins?! cool!

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  12. I love your creepers, you look amazing!

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  13. great photo and you look great:)

  14. I love the betsy Johnson photos! I really like her jewelery <3

  15. I would do the same. We don't even have that here in Cebu! XD


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