Too short to ride

On me://Top - Forever21//Skirt - MPT//Boots - Dr. Martens//Cap - Supreme//Bag - Casio//

I don't mean to quote the song by April Chase but it just seemed like an appropriate title for my outfit... cropped top too short, skirt too short, haha. They had me pulling down while I walked the whole time to keep my bulging belly from showing up, or my bum. But I have to admit, combinations like this are one of my favorites, though I'm never sure if I pull them off right. Cropped tops, mini skirts/shorts, boots - gotta love the effortless edgy vibe.

On another note, I have a little thought to share with you guys tonight and some questions too. So I was in the lift at school with some classmates this afternoon and one of them asked "Hey Carla, are you a model?". I replied "No, why do you think so?". In my mind I'm confused, models are skinny and tall... and me? She answered "Well, I've seen some of your photos on facebook and they're really nice, it's like you're modelling for some online stores"... This came onto me. You see, besides Penguin, Chezka, and some close friends, nobody really know about my blog (not that I know of). I mean my family do, but they don't know the whole of it. There's a lot of reasons why I don't proclaim myself a style blogger to people that I personally know. But to make it simple, I'd say because they don't really understand what it's all about. When I've told people previously, it's like I was speaking a totally different language. I've gotten so used to it that I forget my blog/facebook page, still, is an open book to anyone whoever come across it. I realized my classmates could have been looking at my facebook page updates. Well I'm happy to know that my facebook page is getting views somehow. But then I'm curious. After the incident earlier, I've been wondering, have people that I personally know been reading my blog posts? Ho do I feel about that? Have I been sharing too much information about myself? Or too less that I'm not making any sense? And because style blogs are not so common in this region, do they think I'm crazy for doing what I do?

In this regard, I wanna hear your opinions darlings. Do people you know personally know about you as a blogger? Do they understand you? What do you tell them when they ask you about it? Do you think it's ok to share personal stuff on your blog? Have you received any comments like you're crazy for putting up too much time and effort on your blog? I really am curious. Leave me your thoughts!

-- Photos by Penguin --

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  1. None of the people that I work with know me as a blogger. They just know me as the girl who wears heels and fancy clothes but like you, none of them really understands what I do online. I don't want to explain it. It's tiresome. If they do come across it, I'll be glad. But I don't think people who don't really know the whole anatomy of blogging would ever understand what the hell we're doing.

    Also, I adore your DM's and neon cropped top. I like the look.

  2. so lovely....wonderful tee...

  3. Hey Carla! First of all I want to give you a compliment for your beautiful writing style! I really enjoy to read your articels!
    Wanna know what I personally think about this topic? I kind of have the same behavior as you. I come from a small village and live now in the big city. My closest friends know about the blog, read it too but not more... I have been living in this fashion blogosphere for 3 years know and I also got the impression, that we talk a different language than people who don't know about that. I don't really have an artistic environment and I'm not the person to promote myself non-stop, so I find it hard to get known in this scene :)
    Well, that's what I think about "US" :D

    xoxo, Joana

  4. you look really great:)
    I very like it this outfit:D

  5. I want this cap in my collection!!!

  6. I just love your skirt and the cap is awsome, like that outfit so much,#Lynn

  7. so cool!:)


  8. The neon top is lovely. The pop of color with the skirt is simply gorgeous.


  9. This is a very funky look, the cropped top and short skirt are great together!!!
    I used to not let people know I have a blog and I knew there was only a couple who I knew who read it anyways, I'm a little more open now that I've had it for 2 and a half years. But I'm still hesitant to share it with some

  10. Okay, so first off, the outfit - I love it. What outfit of yours DON'T I love? ;) Haha, you definitely pull off the effortlessly cool look. That's how I've always viewed your style!
    And secondly, the blog topic. Oh man, I totally relate to you on that. My close friends know about it, and so do my parents, but other than that...I don't go around casually letting people know that I'm a fashion blogger. I think one thing that I'm worried about is that others will think I'm vain or that that's all there is to me. It's definitely more than that, but it's hard to convey that to people! They just don't get it.

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  11. my god ! i LOVE your green top o: is so so perfect **

  12. ok. first thing i nticed.
    that SUPREME cap :)

    nice outfit !

    gosh, even though i'm small some skirts are still too short for me ahhaha.

  13. Amazing skirt! Love your cap too! Xx

  14. Hey Carla,
    First of all, as always you look stunning and love the look =) Moreover, I love the title for this post. Second of all, I know it's a weird feeling! Few month ago, I found out my relatives have been snooping around and somehow found my blog. Most of them didn't get the whole concept of what a blog is. What was more weird is that fact that after I realized that my relatives were going through my blog, I started to get more concerned about what I wrote and it really affected me and my readers. However, after a while it clicked to me that the reason I start a blog was to have fun and reduce my stress, but by worrying I started increasing my stress and whole idea of blogging ended up being a homework rather than entertainment. But, now I decided not to care or worry about what does think or do. All I could say is; keep doing what you are doing, because you are a great inspiration to amny people including me =)

    Take Care and Have a great weekend!

    (PS. sorry for the long comment)

  15. Great skirt! I love the way you've styled it. And no, it's not too short! :D xoxo ♥

  16. I love the mix of dressy & casual pieces in this outfit. Really unique!


  17. You look gorgeous in your outfit. I especially LOVE that skirt paired with the neon top! I know exactly what you're talking about in terms of being a fashion blogger. It is so awesome & unexpected when people come up to me (for instance, some of my classmates from the high school I graduated from) and will ask me about my blog. It is SO great to actually be recognized as a "fashion blogger" by others and to know people are interested in reading my blog. Most of my family know about my blog and are very supportive, but I know what you mean about not realizing that other people you know may be reading your blog! It's so exciting to find that out, in my opinion. Anyway, I love your blog and am a new follower. Thanks for commenting on mine & hope to keep in touch!


  18. I love that skirt ! :)

    You have style girl ! :))))


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