White and Blue

Here's what I wore to school today - simple and neat. I rarely can find white things from my closet (I have mentioned that a couple of times before), mainly because I have an affinity for colors and prints, or anything loud and eye-catchy. Otherwise, when shopping I opt for black for when I can't decide on colors, black seems is always the safest choice as they go with almost everything. It' a good thing my mom used to buy clothes for me, and when I check back, there is usually something stored up from years ago, like this top. But you see, I should invest more in these. Clearly, I have some shopping issues since I always want something but don't have it cos I end up buying completely different things that isn't on my list (but yeah, like I actually follow any list).

So anyway, I still haven't found any part-time job (like I'm actually making an effort, ha!), but I've been trying my best to avoid laziness. Can you believe I've started working out?! I think my obsession and insecurity about my body's imperfection has finally taken an effect and my mind is now telling me I need this, I need this, I need this! Haha. But I'm not going to be a work out freak, and let's leave it at that. Besides that, I have come up with some creative ideas to make use of my time. They don't require physical work for now but I'm pretty excited - I'll let you know what it is if it takes off. It's an experiment I'm going to try and in time, I'll share with you guys. Wish me luck though! Have a great week!

On me://Top - Etam Paris//Cardi - ManSi//Shorts - Bershka//Loafers - H&M//Sunnies - Romwe//Watch - Casio//Bag - Chanel//

-- Photos by Penguin --

P.S. I don't own the bag. If you must know, I borrowed it from my mom's closet. Sometimes, it's a big advantage that my mom is into designer bags (and shoes), and that she can afford them, haha. For now, I don't have to buy for myself ;)


  1. cute style! love the bag!

  2. Your short is very nice!



  3. Gosh. Haha! Enjoy you free time, really. You'll miss it when you work and go to school at the same time. But whatever suits you best.

    I did work part time when I was in college. It was really fun. I had fun. Oh, gosh. Memories. <3

    Love the sunnies and casual look.

  4. Your sunnies really looks pixelated from afar in he photo. :) Good luck with your work out, exercise for your health. <3

    xx Diana

  5. love your look<3
    you look so pretty:)


  6. Nice post =) Would you like to follow each other?

  7. cool bag! :)


  8. so great!
    new post here!

  9. That chanel...is AMAZING. super jealous of it. You're lucky to have a mom with expensive taste hehe! And those shorts are really awesome. I love this look!!!

  10. love your shorts and your bag!! are very stylish!
    xx Marta

  11. love the outfit, the sun glasses are gorgeous :)
    Amazing blog :)
    Followed, would you check mine?


  12. Whoa, I am loving all the hits of bold, navy blue! The bag and shoes match perfectly :)
    Good luck with working out too, just keep a healthy mentality and don't overwork yourself. I need to get back into the swing of things too...aha, I've been getting lazy in that department :/

    Trendy Teal

  13. This is great, love it. Follow each other?

  14. Blue my favorite color! Nice

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  15. the bag really is an eyecatcher! love it so much!
    great look :)
    have a nice day ♥

  16. in love with your bag darling ! what do you think of following each other on GFC and bloglovin'? let me know

    Much of love,


  17. I LOVE your gorgeous hot pants and the handbag!!! It's a really hot look...way to go girl! I followed your blog, if you wish to share the love, you can follow me back on http://fashion-byannie.blogspot.in/ xoxo

  18. really love your sun glasses! nice outfit and post. btw thanks for visiting and the comment. I have followed you back. keep in touch :)


  19. Loving those dip dye shorts and that chanel bag is a must! Great blog post!

  20. Oh ye, you are very lucky!!! The bag is gorgeous!!!!! I wish i had one! Have a new follower pretty, Maira



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