a thank you note and a clean slate

I haven't realized it 'til the other day that this month is my blog's 2nd year anniversary! Would you believe that? I've been blogging for two years now! I would have never thought of getting this far, but here I am, and here you guys are, whatever state this is. When I started the blog, it was just for fun, initially to keep track of my daily life and my ever so varied array of interests and hobbies. Needless to say, I would have never thought of becoming a personal style blogger  until styling and taking outfit photos became so addicting, that I just couldn't stop. Even more so when I started receiving awesome emails and comments from you guys, it's heartwarming to know that somewhere, outside of my little space in the world wide web, people appreciate what I do, if not almost always. On this note, I really want to thank everyone of you guys (yes, even my haters), for every second that you spent in the blog, for reading my post, for commenting, for looking at my photos, or even just for taking a quick glance.  They mean a lot =) Thank you!

Realizing the anniversary, it got me to thinking about my personal style and all that. I mean, in all two years (and obviously on my recent posts) I think still I haven't developed a particular personal style. Is it just me and because I'm biased on myself, that I don't see much of a difference or have I really not proven myself? I guess only you guys can tell me. But since this is the blog's 2nd anniversary, I thought it would be nice to re-start/refresh on my outfits - clean slate. Does this mean I will erase everything else? No, I'm definitely not going to delete all of my outfit previous outfit posts, that would be ridiculous. But I mean that from this day forward, it will be about discovering my personal style and sticking to it, one outfit at a time. Of course, you can still expect me to wear strange little things like  shocking colors and funky materials once in a while. We'll see.

On me://Top - Bench, gifted//Skirt - DIY//Boots - Zara//Bag - Thrifted//Cuff - gifted//

As a starting point, I put together this outfit that I think somehow summarizes what I think my personal style is. But to enlighten you all, allow to explain in five points. Firstly, I like to DIY; getting creative puts my mind to work in a way that I have so much fun instead of getting stressed out, and it makes me look for inspiration... so I chose this skirt which I made myself. Secondly, I like colors, obviously. Thirdly, I have an affinity for effortless-cool, rocker-like, bad-ass chick looks - biker jackets, studs, boots, loose tees, you name it... so I want to incorporate as much of it as I can into my own looks. Fourth, I like to dress comfortably, which is why pointy heels don't do for me. You may see me in a pair, but very seldom, so let's say I am more of a platform/wedge/chunky heels person (though I bet you know that already). Lastly, I like to dress up tomboy style; no bodycon dresses, please. I sometimes wish I could wear them and pull them off well but I don't feel comfortable in them. No offense to you guys who love them, but I feel more exposed when I wear one, or even just a fitted top, than wearing a pair high-waist short shorts. So with all that said, does this look convince? =)
I want to hear all of you guys' opinions about this. Again, thanks guys!

-Photos by Penguin --


  1. really nice skirts ^^


  2. I love this skirt it is so colourful and looks awesome paired with the tee and those shoes. I don't think I could explain what my personal style is either, whatever I feel like I guess! Happy 2 year anniversary!

  3. this skirt is super cool! amazing colors!

  4. Sweet shoes and congratulations! Happy 2nd year anniversary to your blog!


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  6. Cool!)

  7. shirt and skirt, amazing!
    new post here, again, check it out if you're interested!


  8. really loving the skirt and shoes !

  9. Very pretty look, I like most the skirt and the shoes^^

    Thanks for visiting me, I'm following you now, follow you back ;)


  10. Adorable preppy look! Happy 2nd anniversary to your blog :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES


  11. Probably the best outfit of yours I've seen so far :)

  12. Gosh, reading this made me feel like I'm in the same boat as you Carla. I really am not sure what my personal style is, but I'm working on it. I share a lot of the same themes with you though (love bright colors and comfy shoes!).
    That whole casual-cool/badass vibe is always what I've associated with your style, and I love it!
    Good luck discovering your personal style, and we're all going to enjoy watching it be developed :)

    Trendy Teal

  13. OMG! it has been 2 years? well, congratulations.

    by the way, i think you may not know now what your style really is but all i can tel is that you're so versatile. remembering your previous outfits, you can be a rocker or a comfy girl. and i really like that about you!

    more power because i love reading your blog :)


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  14. Congrats to your blog, Carla! I love rocker outfits, too! But I tend to wear more dainty ones lately. Cheers to more years with this blog. =)

  15. Can't believe you DIYd that skirt, it's killer! Love the colours :) x



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