Just an ordinary day

On me://Skinny and belt - Pull & Bear//Flats - Penshoppe//Tee - SuperMix//Vet - Local Store//Suninies - Romwe c/o Catsuit-latex//Bag - Thrifted//

Classes. Projects. Afternoon walks. Just a part of an uneventful, ordinary day. There isn't much to report to you guys these days. Like I said, I've been busy with school stuff. As a matter of fact, I'm only taking this short break from studying to blog, as I have an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

About the outfit... very randomly picked pieces, I can say. I literally just pulled out the first things that I saw in my closet. To prove to you guys, it goes like this: the skinnies - worn yesterday hence they're on top of the worn-but-not-yet-dirty pile, tee - recently washed hence they're on top of the clean pile of tees, vest - first item hanging on the closet rack. What more can I say? haha. But since there isn't anything special about this outfit, I decided to funk it up with my new epic sunnies (Side note: My bothers have developed a habit of singing me the "willy wonka" song from Charlie and the Chocolate factory when I wear these!). 

Sooo... that is all for tonight. Back to studying Public Relations... I'm only hoping to pick up a little something that I can apply to this blog. Other than that, I'm definitely not motivated at all. Oh well. Life.

-- Photos by Penguin --

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  1. those glasses are killer!! x

  2. That I wish you very good luck :)
    waistcoat and trousers are just divine <3
    I invite you to me for a new post :)

  3. Nice look, your sunglasses are great!!

  4. cool outfit! love the sunnies! :)


  5. love your neon pants so muchh!! <3


  6. Really cute look dear! Would you maybe like following each other on gfc and fb or so? xx

  7. I side the last time to you...I absolutely love your pants ^^
    kiss and have a nice day


    new post

  8. Great look!!


  9. Good luck on your exam!
    I know how you feel about lacking motivation. Ugh, I need to find some! -_- I've got a Communications and Music midterm this week.
    Anyway, love those sunnies so much! They look amazing on you :)

    Trendy Teal

  10. I love your outfit :D I wish I was that fashion oriented. Haha.

  11. Love the glasses! And those skinnies are such a great colour. I wish my 'just picked whatever was closest' outfits turned out this well :)

  12. Love everything about this outfit! Great blog!



  13. You did quite well for you to not have put in any thought in this outfit, whish I could be so stylish.


  14. Good luck with the exam and love your skinnies, Carla.


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