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Hey loves! Been MIA for a while. Tough week - projects and deadlines, a lot of personal stuff going on, and between balancing work out and eating out too much, I hadn't had time to blog at all. We have those days, bear with me. I've been a little active on instagram anyway, the least I can do (follow me @misscarlaviolet). So here are some photos that fancy me. Note: See my mom and her friend walking side by side? Totally love how their outfits pop! Some street style. Oh and I received a new pair of cutie-patootie round sunglasses from romwe, c/o Catsuit-latex of course. Loving them so much right now.

On big events, if you guys have been stalking my friend, Chezka's blog, the you must have already seen my not-so-cute-at-all looking face, tahaa... referring to the graduation post she did. Yes, we graduated! She, bachelor degree and all... I, just higher diploma. It's a little depressing that I still need a year to obtain the bachelor's degree, and I'm already in a rush to be done with University. But then I guess a year is not that long... what the heck. (If you guys must know, our school system, we graduate on the 3rd year, and then on the 4th year again. First, to obtain a higher diploma, and finally the bachelor's degree).

Sooo... that's pretty much about it. I'll have a decent post up soon, promise! Meanwhile, enjoy these little personal stuff I've been posting lately. Have a great week!


  1. I really like your shorts in the first picture :)
    congratulates :)
    I invite you to the new note :)

  2. that chanel bag is cool ! :)

    I have a new post on my blog. Take a look ;)



  3. oh congrats grrrrrrrl!
    and yes, love it all!

    I have new post here and all that crap, so if you're interested, check it out!


  4. Great post and pics!!!

  5. Followed you back! xoxo


  6. SO EXCITING about your graduation!!! :) :) And I love your shorts in the first pic, and those round sunnies in one of the later pictures! :)

  7. Congrats about graduation! Aha, just one more year, you can do it! You're soooo much closer now, just view it that way :)
    And oooh, awesome round sunnies. You look fabulous in them!
    Is that halo halo I spy? Man I miss that treat...

    Trendy Teal

  8. OMG lovely photos *.*


  9. Congrats on graduating!!! I just did too, I am stressed about what to do next though. It looks like a great week :)

  10. Oh, wow! Congrats on graduating, Carla!!! Love your momma's outfit too! Runs in the family. =)

  11. aww really love your short in the first pic!! <3
    and congratz for you both! <3



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