Baseball-er Wanabee

 On me://Tee and shorts- H&M//Baller Shirt - Vintage Adidas//Wedges - Steve Madden//Sunnies - Cotton On//

I raided my parents' closets again! This time, found an interesting piece from my dad's. It's funny how I can actually find something of his that fit me OK (if you see my dad in person, you'll know what I mean). But I guess it's my affinity for menswear that urge me to always and the fact that I think oversize pieces always work for my body type, that I keep looking anyway. 

So I dug out this vintage Adidas baseball-er shirt from his unused clothes cabinet some few weeks ago. I didn't know what I wanted it for but figured it could be of use... and yes of course they are now. The heatwave struck Macau again, after the good weather we've been having in the past couple of days, ugh! I had to go home and change thrice because I felt like an ice cream melting away under the heat. It's not even the sun's fault... it's just plain humid, and no air to counter... like being stuck in a microwave, yuck!

Anyway, my clock says 12:00 AM, so I need to get going.
Ciao for now!

-- Photos by Chezka --


  1. this shirt is A M A Z I N G!!!

  2. Love this look! I'm dying to get my hands on some leather shorts. I adore your Steve Madden shoes!
    Do stop by my blog, would love to know what you think about my latest post.
    x Mariana |

  3. OMG! I lov U and yours outfit!
    Like? Thank U in advance!

  4. Cool sporty look.
    I love the jersy so much.
    Keep sharing!
    I am a long time follower here,
    Please follow back.
    (looking for a mutual follower)

  5. so in love with your baseball tee.. i'm looking for it :'(

    please kindly visit my blog whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,

    Miss Aa

  6. very nice look
    love your shoes

  7. so chic!!! love it!

  8. Cute look, wish I was still in my shorts, enjoy!!


  9. can't take my eyes off you.

  10. This look is great, as per usual ! Really do love the shirt. It funny, just the other day I found one of my brother's old ice hockey jerseys and fell
    In love with it !

    Amazing post.

    Bethany Paige x (

  11. i really love you sunnies and outer!! <3
    and those shoes so stunning!! <3

  12. cute shoes

  13. That's awesome how you're able to use pieces from your parent's closet! Way to put a creative twist on your dad's shirt. I love those leather shorts!

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