Leo and Blue

Here's a little mix/match outfit that I wore to class today. Well, not fully. I was wearing a pair of blue flats originally. But since we took these photos close to my place, I decided to run back home and change into heels instead. Besides, I didn't need to do a lot of walking after that as Penguin and I just spent the rest of the afternoon at his crib.

Speaking of school outfits, it's funny that these days are the only days I have started to wear stockings and blazers, when the semester is coming to an end. I guess after having watched gossip girl a lot of times, it has gotten into my head (a common notion too, I think) that classes begin at fall (not end during fall), and that back to school looks often consisted of stockings and blazers. Super delayed much? I blame the weather for that, and for everything else. But then, at this point, I've no reason to complain.

On me://Tee - www.graniph.com//Skirt - Pull & Bear//Blazer - MPT//Shoes - Cotton On//Bag - Thrifted//

Anyway, have you guys ever experienced something so stupid, so unexpected, and really an epic failure, that you just start laughing, unable to believe yourself and the whole of it? Just a thought. I'm trying to get over myself on the situation that Penguin and I got into last night (or should I say early this morning) after heading out from a party, and all I can do when I think about it is laugh it off. Seriously, the police station is the last thing I expect for him and I to be at, at dawn. But as is, that made for the craziest experience and an eventful end and start of a week. 

How did your weekend go? I hope it wasn't as crazy as ours had been.

-- photos by Penguin --


  1. Beautiful color and mixing! Such a great look, can't wait to copy it :)

  2. Great outfit! I love the pop of color and the printed skirt. So cute :)


  3. i love the combination of leopard print and bright blue, they look so great together. This is a great look!! And how did you guys manage to end up in the police station?!

  4. That blazer is gorgeous! Great look!

    xo Jenny

  5. perfect combination !!
    you look very god with that blue jacket *.*


  6. Your blog and your style just keeps getting better;-)

  7. Omgsh, police station!?!? Lol Carla, Carla, Carla...haha, hope you didn't get into any major trouble.
    Anyway, love the bold blue blazer you rocked over that leopard skirt - so chic!

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  8. Love your outfit!!
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  9. police station?!
    btw love your shoes!:)


  10. Love the blue and leopard together never thought of it but I like it. Definitely going to try and recreate this look.


  11. So curious about this police station business! By the sounds of it, it could be very similar to something that happened to a member of my family quite recently haha ! Also loving the blue blazer, it's such a striking colour. You pull it off brilliantly!

    Bethany Paige (paigeoffashion.blogspot.co.uk) x

  12. Gorgeous outfit girlie! Those shoes are really cool x


  13. xixi lovely skirt and shoes <33 have a nice day! greet from indonesia xx

  14. Very Gossip Girl indeed. So sad it's the last season. Love your blue blazer!

  15. You look so sweet in this blue dress.


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