Lucban, Quezon Photo Diary

I'm back!!! Feels like I've been gone forever even if it's only been a week, phew... what a trip. Had so much fun,,, in fact too much fun I realized we shouldn't have pushed too far. Won't tell you why, but let's just say too much of anything is never good for anybody.

Sorry for the lack of updates, had a hard time getting a decent internet connection and my phone's network sharing wasn't working so I was stuck with instagram (but I'm not complaining). If you're a follower, you must have seen my constant snaps of food, drinks, and more food - all we did was eat, from day 1 until the last. I'm uber bloated right now and seriously off track with my diet and work out. Must must must recover soon!

Anyway, previously I told you guys I've photos to share with you so here they are. Had them  sorted out already but since I couldn't post them without internet connection, there's nothing much I can do til today. These are photos from our first and second day when we stayed at Penguin's dad's hometown in Lucban, Quezon, a cute and colorful little town, four hours drive from Manila. During our stay, we visited a nearby tourist place which in tagalog is called "Kamay ni Hesus (Hand of Jesus), which is really majestic, and then some really well-known local restaurants, including one called "Palaisdaan" (Fishery) where we dined inside a floating hut. Everything was delicious. I wish I could express my feelings with words better but I don't think I know enough vocabularies to do so, therefore I leave you with the photos. 

-- Photos by Penguin and Yours Truly --

P.S. Outfit post coming soon, promise!


  1. seems you had so much fun there!
    why the dinner table located in a dark place?
    is it in a cave or outdoor and that's already night :P

  2. That's the fantastic thing with photos - where words fail, imagery can replace it :)
    Love these pics too, looks like you had a fantastic time Carla!

    Trendy Teal

  3. Love these photos...
    May have to visit this place one day,
    my Mum would love it!
    Ang sarap ng kain naman!
    Gutum na ako xx

    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

  4. love these pics, so interesting

  5. great pictures! :)

  6. seems you had a tons of fun!

  7. Love the photos, Carla! And omg, sisig!! I'm so hungry and it's 4am na in Cebu. I wish I was just sleepwalking.


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