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On me://Dress - Black Shop//Boots - Dr. Martens//Parka - MPT//Hat - Local Store//

I officially declare my fondness for hats! They're probably the easiest item to top an outfit to achieve a cool modern bohemian-chic feel, or that rocker chic vibe spelled Demi Lovato. As you might have noticed, I've been sporting this fedora lately, one that I found at the back of mom's unused-clothes closet which I think did actually belong to me but at some point had forgotten about. Poor thing... Luckily I dug out my winter clothes a little early for the season and rescued it from being buried in dust. Now I have an alternative companion besides my snapbacks for when I'm having a bad hair day.

It's finally weekend... again. Is it just me or do I think days go by a lot faster lately than they used to? Feels like last weekend was only two days ago, the day that my gran and cousin arrived. But it's been a week which went by in a snap. Grrrr. Oh but speaking of my gran, I have to tell you, she's the craziest grandmother ever, but in a really adorable way. She's always singing, addicted to picture taking, and even more addicted to Facebook than I am! Everywhere we go, she's up for posing for anyone who has a camera. And then when we get back home, she'll check her Facebook page to see if her photos have been uploaded, and if not, she'll bug us until we do. But you know what's cuter? She's a total dresser too. Apparently it runs in the family. The other night, we went to dad's company annual dinner so the night before, mom told her she had to prepare something to wear. Oh, if you could see her excitement! She dug out some of mom's old suits to try on, and when she finally found a pair she wanted, decided it wasn't good enough without wearing heels! So the next day she bugged my mom to head out and buy a pair of heels for her to wear with the suit. It was the cutest thing to watch her go about  like that - totally made everyone's night! Since she'll be here for a few more weeks and with the rest of the relatives coming in, I say we're bound for a crazier and really fun-filled Christmas!

-- Photos by Penguin --

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  1. I love your dr. martens. the hat suits you very well. the outfit is great. I like the dress so much :)
    have a nice day

  2. You look so cute! The hat and that jacket are gorgeous! Thank god its the weekend, feels like this week was never going to end and it sounds like you had great fun at your Dad's annual dinner, glad to hear it :)



  3. really LOVE it !!!

  4. This outfit is great!!! I love the that polka dot dress with the parka and the pop of hot pink is perfecgt here. Such a great look!
    I find the weeks have been flllllying by!

  5. I'm glad you love hats because they are practically made for you! <3


  6. I completely agree about hats- most of the time they're what make my whole outfit! And i LOVE this look, from head to toe. That parka with the doc martens and the dress is such a great combo. i want to wear this! haha

  7. Hahaha! I love your grandma xD She sounds so awesome - I love that she's addicted to Facebook and is a total poser. She must be a lot of fun :)
    Love the fedora you're rocking Carla. Fits your style perfectly

    Trendy Teal

  8. I actually want a fedora hat for Christmas and your lola is so cool! Astig ng lola mo ah! =)

  9. I love your whole outfit. :) I think I should start using hats. :) Hehe :)


  10. You look so lovely.Love your outfits so much.

  11. my sister is forever looking for the perfect hat!

  12. amazing layering...love that army trench coat! I've been dying to buy one for a while, but as you noticed its summer here so I guess I missed my chance! haha.

    Couture Caddy x

  13. sweet look :)
    love the scarf!


  14. Love you style.You look so lovely.

  15. I love that outfit, especially the shoes! xx


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