New Stuff: Fall Makeup and Clothing Essentials

//Sweater - c/o chicnova//

//Skin Essentials - Body wash from the Body shop//Make-up set from Victoria's Secret//

//Jacket from GV2//Shorts from Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//

My winter essential consist of these: Sweaters, warm jackets, shorts over stockings, body bath and lotion (can't live out winter without one), and a new make-up kit! Yep, you got that right - a make-up kit. You guys know that I'm not a big make-up girl, but with my new job, plus my ever growing eyebugs, I find the need to own one. But take this, I didn't buy them myself. My mom got tired of me always borrowing her set because I don't find it important enough to buy for myselff... and of course I'd rather buy shoes. I guess she pitied me a little, haha. 

Anyway, the cute new sweater is from the awesome team at chicnova (thank you!), and the new shorts are from Romwe, of course always courtesy of catsuit-latex. Expect them in my outfit posts sometime soon! Stay tuned!


  1. i love your make up set! :D
    waiting your outfit post <3
    happy new year by the way!

    anyway, join my giveaway!
    win idr 50.000 gifts vouchers
    and get all beauty stuff with half price :)

  2. Cute shorts and sweater!!

    Pretty! Cool photos!


  3. I love body shop products they always smell amazing!

  4. adorable stuff, i love the shorts! love your blog, followed! (:

    fashionlei styled

  5. I'm also starting to like the make-up section. Haha! Change of preference?

  6. Very cute sweater I tootally love it!

    Loves, RJ

  7. Love everything!<3 The cat sweater is so cute!:)Great stuff!


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