Two different persons

Sometimes I feel like I have two completely different persons inside me - the cool chick with biker jackets and effortless way of dressing,  and the preppy little girl who loves to wear puff dresses and skirts and always polished. And then I get stuck in between; can never decide which side I like better. So you see why I my outfits tend to be a little inconsistent. But is it just me or do you guys feel the same way?

Today I was feeling a little sentimental, but for no reason, really. I decided to play around with my photos and make some dramatic changes. If you've seen my previous post before this day, and then if you take a look at it now, you'll see some changes. It doesn't matter. In the same way that my style changes from day to day, my mood is no different. Later you'll see me experimenting with something else. That's just me.

Have a great week!

On me://Shirt - Cotton On//Jacket - Zara//Skirt - ManSi//Shoes - Mana//Bag - Stradivarius//Beanie - Jeep, stolen from my brother//

-- Photos by Chezka --


  1. My style is always constantly changing as well! I love sweet romantic stuff but also edgier pieces as well =)

  2. Yeah, I just dress according to my mood lately. Its gone from preppy, to trendy bohemian, to laid back and its all on my blog lol. I love your two sides Carla, you shouldn't be afraid to just wear both styles - you're able to pull off both of them beautifully! :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. lovely outfit!love the jacket and the shoes.such a cute skirt too.

  4. I am like that too, sometimes I am super super girly and somedays I want to dress more biker chic. It's fun that with fashion we can explore both sides sartorially.
    I love this skirt with the orange blouse, such a great combination! And of course awesome when topped off with the leather jacket

  5. I think your photos look great, so crisp and vibrant!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Such a fun outfit!


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