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Between school and work, I still manage to arrange a party, chill out here and there, hang out with my favorite people, and get to play in a band. I take back what I said previously. It's safe to say that I still have a life.

So tell me, how have you guys been? I can't believe it's already the middle of February when it feels like we only welcomed 2013 a few days ago. Time flies, don't it? Oh but speaking of Feabruary, it's Valentine's day tomorrow! Do you guys have any plans? Penguin and I agreed to let this one slip out and do something simple for a change (no special dinner or anything). It's absurd anyway - every restaurant in Macau is fully booked and overpriced; a very commercialized event. But of course I'm getting him a little something... though I kind of spoiled it for him already a few days ago (I'm not a big secret keeper, so clearly, I can't even keep my surprise for him, ha!).

Oh well, hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines day with your special someone. Outfit post coming soon!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! I love that cat sweater, it's so adorable. I have no really exciting vday plans, just dinner with my family then yoga then cuddles with the pup!

  2. Its good you still have a life - haha, definitely need an outlet from work and school!
    And wait, you're in a band? Say what? How did I not know this!? Haha, that's awesome :D

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  3. You probably know it well, but I need to tell it... I think that, if people shows his feeling only in Valentine's - this is sad. For me "Valentine's day" are everyday ;) It is healthier approach. And I wish everyone, to not ashamed of showing the affection. <3 <3
    And by the way, I saw something very interesting on one of your photos. Shot drink called "porn star". I've never drank this. ;P How it taste ?
    Keep it tight !

    1. heya, so sorry i only saw your comment recently. I totally agree with you on that thought!
      btw, the shot drink was really good! it came in a box with a few others, u shud definitely try them if u ever get the chance!

      see ya around!


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