Melon and Strawberry

Outfit://blazer - thrifted//kinny - mossimo jeans//boots - local store//bag - pull&bear//

How you guys doin? I feel like eating an ice cream right now, seeing as my outfit reminds me of melon and strawberry sorbet. I didn't think the colors would look good together but since I was running late for mass yesterday, I hadn't time to change my bag. So this was my outfit for the usual Sunday. Good thing I didn't have much errands to do. Anyway, there's nothing much to report except that the holidays are over and I'm back to school, but as if I felt it. I did get a few red packets though! I guess its part of the perks living in a Chinese country,;people are accustomed to the tradition that even my parents and parents' friends who are non-Chinese celebrate the occasion.

I'm keeping this post short as I'm headed out to watch a movie with Penguin and his cousins. Haven't had an opportunity to entertain myself in a while so I'm grabbing this chance. Besides, the movie seems really interesting; warm bodies? To those who've seen the movie, share your thoughts!
Have a great night and until my next!


  1. Great outfit, that blazer is smashing, I love the fresh & funky colour!

  2. You'll have to tell us how Warm Bodies is! I want to see it so bad, but movies are just so expensive...haha, I want to know if its worth it :)
    Love this cool take on watermelon colors - now I'm craving some sorbet as well!

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  3. awesome awesome! love the neon jacket and the shoes are great!!

    love, agnes.
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    it would mean a lot to me :')

  4. Amazing look- the blazer is perfect!

    I haven't seen warm bodies yet was it good?


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