Window Shopping

The usual routine, checking out the sales with Penguin. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get my pay in full. That said, I can't really splurge on the sales... and to think that it's the time of year when every shop in Macau is on crazy sale makes me frustrated. Oh well. Life's never fair. But speaking of this period, allow me to say Happy Year of the snake! Chinese New Year doesn't really mean much for me, but since my family has been in Macau for the longest time, we've gotten used to the perks it come with (red pockets and such). Of course in turn, my mom gives away some too - it's expected of her anyway. Maybe if I got married and still liviing here, I'd most probably have to do it too.

On me://Pants - Ana//Sweater - Local Store//Bag - Pull&Bear//Boots - Zara//

On another note, I've come to realize how difficult it is to keep a pet. Louis, my newly adopted ferret, is driving me crazy! It's very playful, I can't let it out of my sight even just for a few seconds, and what's worse, it takes a dump a lot more often than I thought that my brothers and I have to contantly clean up after it (more than 3 times in a day!). I'm really bad at this. Do you guys keep any pet? Lecture me, please! I need a pet-keeping 101.

-- Photos by Penguin and yours truly --


  1. Pets do take some getting used to, at least it's not a puppy because they cry all night for the first week or so. You'll get the hang of it quickly!!
    I love these floral pants, such a great print and colour!

  2. Oh boy, sounds like Louis is gonna be a handful - but I agree with Jenna, at least it's not a puppy! Puppies are the enemy of sleep 0_o I've never had a ferret, so I'm not sure what advise to give you. But maybe some books or online articles will help?
    Anyway, gahhh, fangirling over your outfit! Those leggings are just amazing, and you know just the way to keep them cool and stylish, not over the top :)

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  3. Really like the photography. I hope Louis gets easier to handle soon!

    Allie xo
    Ignoring The Changing Room Mirror

  4. The print on your trousers is fab, great outfit...x

  5. love the printed pants, and I completely understand about not having enough cash for sales it really does suck!

  6. Looooved the look *u* You're pretty!

  7. Loving this outfit! Casual but very fashionable (loooove the pants).
    Good luck with Louis, I'm sure it will get easier with time :)

    x Mariana |


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