Another bad hair day

Outfit://Pants - Mossimo Jeans//Top and jacket - MPT//Boots - c/o Pink & Pepper//Bag - Bershka//

Don't fret! I already found a solution to my hair problem... by chopping it off! Yes, again! And by that, I mean really short! It's been a few months already anyway and I'm in badly need of a new do. Besides, all this business doesn't give me much time to pamper my hair and work on it every single day before going to school or work, so I thought a cute bob is workable, like wash and wear. I went to the salon the day after I took these photos, so stay tuned to see my new look in the coming post.

On another note, as promised, here is my outfit featuring the new mantle boots from Pink & Pepper. It's pretty straight forward but definitely my aesthetic - biker jacket, comfortable stylish boots - overall a casual but cool look. Though I'm not one to really settle for the same look everyday, clearly we've established that.

By the way, this bag is a new purchase. I'm going to pamper my camera because I decided that I actually can't live without it anymore so why not treat it real good. The camera bag by StyleScrapbook for Kipling is what I've been eyeing for ages already but I know for sure I'll never be able to find one in this faraway jungle called Macau so I'm settling for other options. This one, I found in Bershka. It's not really a camera bag but by my estimation, I knew my Nikon in 50mm lens would fit perfectly if I didn't put anything else, and I was right. You'll probably see this from now on more often so I'm warning you in advance - you'll get sick of it.

Anyway, I'm off to have dinner with my Penguin love in a few hours so have to get ready now. Have a great week loves!


  1. waouh this look is just awesome love that boots xoxo

  2. Heyy, do we have the same camera? Haha, I'd love to pamper mine with a nice little camera bag - and this one is so cute!
    Also, I saw a peek of your new do on Instagram...girl, you can rock a bob. I envy you of that. You just always look *_* Lol
    Loving your classic boots-and-jacket combo. Always effortless style ;)

    Trendy Teal

  3. i've been thinking about chopping all my hair off too! haha. i can't wait to see how you did yours! <3

    p.s. so jealous of your classic chic jacket. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥


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