Color Clash

Outfit://Shoes - Nike//Skinny - Pull & Bear//Top - MPT//Cap and sunnies - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//

I would have never thought to wear this neon skinnies and this pair of red sky dunk highs together. But out of laziness to walk in decent heels and my love for sneaker wedges brought me to put this outfit together. Surprisingly I liked the combination. There's something so wrong about the colors clashing that make it actually look kind of out-there cool.

Speaking of sneaker wedges... is anyone else crazy about the new Sky Dunk Hi City Pack collection from Nike? I've been eyeing this collection ever since manrepeller posted the "New York" pair way before the roll-out started. I searched every website and couldn't find info until Nike finally announced the official release dates. It literally drove me nuts! I was  babbling so much about it, to a point that when Penguin and I went to visit the Nike stores nearby, he had to ask them to give me a call the moment they have the collection in stock. Of course they're available in each respective countries already but since I live nowhere near Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, or London, I have to wait until the worldwide release (bummer). They're set to be available on the 27th of this month and I'm looking to acquire at least a pair. Fingers-crossed for it to be available here or in Hong Kong. For now, my red pair will suffice.

Anyway, enough sneaker talk. I'm still suffering from my humidity allergies (since I mentioned from my previous post), which is super super annoying. But there really isn't much I can do. Drinking anti-allergies don't help much and it just keep coming back. I only hope the weather improves. But other than that, nothing much to report. Enjoy the weekend sweets!


  1. love the clashing palette!

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  2. I am loving this bright and very fun look. That top is such a great pattern and the skinnies are fantastic

  3. hello, today I discovered your blog! it's really nice so I decided to follow u on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you'll do the same
    PS: thank u for your lovely comm

  4. Haha, talk about a "so wrong its right" moment! Love the mix of these two colors - I think its the black accent in your shoes and rest of your outfit that ties it all together perfectly.
    And yes, as always Carla, you look AWESOME. Seriously obsessed with your cool outfit girl - and I'm so excited since I just got the same spiked cap in the mail today! Hehe, we picked the same one :)

    Trendy Teal

  5. Hi sweetie! Thank you for stopping by! Im following u now and I hope u will join too:) kiss

  6. the bright pants are perfect!

  7. thanks for commenting on my blog.
    You have a beautiful outfit.
    would you like to follow each other? :) Let me know!


  8. The color of those pants are fantastic!

  9. Thanks for your comment!! :))
    I love you photo and your blog! I follow you! kiss
    Life Behind a Lens©

  10. OMG I love your pants. I love love love neon colors!!!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog, but do you wanna follow each other on bloglovin instead, since GFC will be gone in July. Let me know... I've followed you on bloglovin, waiting for a follow back :)


  11. I love this look! The colours and the print on the shirts goes so well.

  12. This is such a rad outfit - I would never be able to pull it off. But you look great!


  13. I am definitely loving the variety of stripes on your shirt
    and these glasses look superduper cute on you


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