Current Obsession - Printed Skirts

There's something entirely wrong with the way I shop for clothes. Seriously. I've always loved printed skirts, always envied Jenna Stevie's selection, and currently overly obssessing over them, but for some reason I don't own any! Well except for maybe this one that I'm wearig above, a leopard printed number, and a DIY-ed fluo patterned piece. This leads me to doubt my shopping habbit even more. But then again there's just so many kinds of clothes to want and I guess I can never have them all. Sigh.

Anyway, adding these picks to my wishlist. I will give myself a therapy soon, and that is a little excursion to Hong Kong for shopping. Until then! Oh and stay tuned for an outfit post coming soon!


  1. You should buy here in the philippines all so cheap

  2. tribal print skirts would be AWESOME. I want one in an electric-bright color now *_*

    Trendy Teal


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