Denim and Brocade

Outfit://Top - Mansi//Jacket - Gap//Skirt - Rare London, ASOS//Cap - Kenzo (Penguin's)//Boots - Local Store//

I have developed this little obsession to denim outerwear as of late. Like black and white, they can tone down an outfit and add that "street" feel. Even considered purchasing the perfect boyfriend fit denim jacket from ASOS but my pick got sold out when I finally decided to add it to cart. I guess it's not for me... but I resort to another option, which is to thrift hunt next week. Penguin and I discovered a place to buy some vintage denim pieces to DIY and I think it's worth a visit.

Onto my life... my allergies are still in attack mode. As I type, I'm constantly snorting like a pig. Ugh. Real disgusting. I thought they might have turned into a common cold so I've started drinking medicine already, but alas, no effect. What's worse, the pills are just making me sleepy so for the whole weekend, I've been asleep half the time. Such a big bummer.

This week is going to be a busy week yet again for me. Although we're having the Easter Break which means no classes, I still have to work. But on top of that, I've got projects to do for each and every one of my courses which as are all due right after the break; there's a documentary that I have to shoot during the period, specifically covering Easter activities, so I cannot at all miss the Easter celebration... and then there's a debate to prepare for, a report to write, a midterm exam to study for, mystery shopping for a specific company to write about... Come short, I actually don't know where to begin. Right now I'm stuck. But I have to pull myself together so hopefully I can start doing whatever I need to.

On the brighter side, there's still something to look forward to despite my tight schedule for this week... and that's payday! I'm taking comfort from the thought that I'll be able to go shopping really really soon. Penguin and I have already made plans to do an excursion to Hong Kong sometime after Easter Break as soon as I'm done with all my school stuff. It's going to be little reward for myself, or motivation rather so I'm thinking positive.

I hope you guys are having a great weekend, not like me... and having a better weather wherever you are. I'm seriously considering moving to another country because Macau's weather is never for me, with the humid and all. One day, maybe I will. But for now I'll just have to wear with it like I always do. Snort.

Have a great week ahead!

P.S. Is it true that GFC will be out soon??? Talk to me.


  1. Nice outfit, I like all the details in it :)

    Heard about that GFC thing too, unfortuately I think they will really turn it down, because they want everybody to use Google+. Such a shame :(

    1. totally agree, such a shame.. a lot of bloggers built their readership around GFC. so sad.

  2. Love love love love your skirt and cap :)

  3. Thank you so much to check my blog out!I follow you with gfc!;)

    Very nice outfit and style

    Lallo's landing in fashion
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  4. I love a good denim jacket with absolutely everything, I can't wait until it's warm enough for me to wear mine!! I love this look with the brocade skirt, it's so lovely!

  5. Aw man, sounds like a rough time for you! I don't envy you all the projects, but keep your head up Carla, you can do it - just gotta prioritize everything. Which is ironic coming from me, the queen of all do as I say, not as I do ;)
    Aha, LOOOOVE the mix of denim with that fancy brocade skirt - SO pretty yet casual. And cool. Of course its cool, its a Carla outfit. :)
    Also, from what I've figured out, GFC is sticking around. Its just Google Reader that's going away. Did you know GFC is technically already unavailable to non-blogging users? Yeah, that happened sometime last year! I had to do some digging around to figure this out, so the panic of GFC going away is not necessary.

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  6. love your outfit - how the styles contrast is really great & the hat is to die for!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know :)
    Melina x

  7. Lovely blog you got going on here! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us! I would love to see you around my blog some time and maybe follow each other!
    Stay in touch!


  8. What a gorgeous skirt! It is simply a gorgeous print and fabric and I love how you paired it with more casual pieces. Such a nice juxtaposition. Gorgeous, girl!

  9. the skirt is just adorable! love it and I like the way you matched the pieces!!

  10. It's google reader that's going, GFC will stay I believe!

    I hope you enjoy your Easter break, even though you'll be a busy bee!

    Corinne x

  11. Your brocade skirt is gorgeous! Love the unusual styling too!


  12. great post and amazing outfit hon!!!


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