Kid of the 90s

Outfit//Tee - Customized Little Miss Violet//Vest - Vintage//Skinny - Mossimo//Shoes - Nike//Cap - Romwe, c/o catsuit latex//Bag - Pull&Bear//

I find it funny when people younger than I, specifically those who were born late around 1997 onward call themselves kids of the 90s. Style-wise, yeah probably. But sorry to break it up to you guys, you're not one of us. When I found this opinion article, I just had to share. It's funny in a way but so true, especially the part about worth getting up early on a Saturday morning just to watch cartoons, I totally agree! Reading the article just made me realize how much I miss my childhood - Goosebumps, plastic cartoon lunch boxes, slam books, Pinky & the Brain, the magic school bus, Rugrats, before the internet age and all the techies today, and back when playing at the park is the funnest thing to do... oh boy. I'd get bruises all over my body for roller skating all day. I don't know about you guys but if you're in my generation, you know what I mean.

Onto the outfit... yes, it's very 90's inspired, and only fitting. As mentioned previously, Penguin and I found a place to purchase some great vintage denim pieces, where I was able to score this oversize vest. It's actually for men, but it's the best part about it. Men's sizes are always great to play around with, plus buying menswear is the literal translation of "boyfriend pieces" like boyfriend blazers and boyfriend jeans and, you get the point. This is Penguin's size, so in any case we can always lend each other. By the way, he had one which I DIY'ed and turned into a sort of bomber jacket by attaching grey sleeves and a hood. I was never able to show it to you guys but now that I remembered it, maybe I might. Let's see.

As I type, I'm going through my notes for an exam tomorrow morning. Concentrating on one thing was never me so yeah, I'm blogging while studying. Besides, I need to relax a little bit cause based on my previous and many many experience, I don't retain much of what I studied when I force myself. What I need to do is study... then chill... study... then do something else. Weird. But you can also call it a lame excuse because I do admit this subject I'm studying for was never interesting. If I don't do something else, I'd probably fall asleep.

Anyway, break time's over. Hope I'll get through this. Wish me luck!


  1. awesome shirt and leather pants x

  2. Your outfits always make me smile. This is effortless, fun, and totally chic. Love your denim vest!!

  3. You look terrific! The leather pants are so cool!

  4. That's exactly how I study. I'll fill out one page on the study guide, take a break, fill out another page, do some I can't focus otherwise!
    Anyway, I know exactly what you're talking about. I feel a bit nostalgic just reading about Goosebumps and Rugrats...sigh, the good ole days ;)
    Love the 90's inspired outfit - and of course, that spike cap. I've been wearing mine out a bit, and I plan on getting some photos of it today haha.

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  5. I quite like menswear fashion, and it's so good that we can sometimes steal pieces from menswear and wear them! Good luck with that exam of yours tomorrow! Haha, I know what you mean, I really should be studying at the moment, but instead I'm just really surfing the net! Probs best to call it a night haha

  6. I am loving those studs!
    And true say man, the 90's were the best! I miss my lite-brite!! Best toy ever

    follow me, I'll follow you back :)


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