Busy days and all that

Outfit://Pants and bag - Bershka//Tee - Pull & Bear//Jacket - Mirror//Shoes - Nike//Sunnies - Romwe, c/o Catsuit-latex//Watch - Casio//Necklace - local store//

This faux fur jacket is by far the most versatile jacket I've ever owned. You may not know it but I wear them almost every time that I'm not on blog mode. They just look good with everything, you can imagine. I think it's best that I get an alternative, say a white one, or a longer version. I don't know, but I have to have another.

Anyway, the busy days are back. I'm currently on break from class but after this afternoon's lecture, will date my computer and get down with the rest of the projects. One down for today's presentation, thank goodness. Although there's still another to prepare for, a paper to write, a video to edit, taking one step at a time will get me there.

On a more personal note, have you ever had to go through a huge conflict with your closest friends which you didn't have anything to start that with in the first place, and then ended up not speaking to them for years? What would you have done if you did? It feels strange you see, assuming that you're in my position (admitting that I've gone/going through that situation) when I find that the rest of them have started speaking again to each other, or potentially may, and I'm all but left out...I mean, is it only me? What did I do? What is wrong with me for being left out when I did my part on trying to be the bigger person and all that. Ugh. I don't know. Sorry to rant this out to you guys but I think I'm being paranoid. Talk about how to alienate friends, clearly I'm one to know.

Oh well, I hope you're having a better week than I am. Cheers!


  1. Love everything about this look! And i love your hairstyle :)

    I understand what you are saying about close friends. I have gone through a similar experience and it hurts bad. I still don't know why it happened, but it did, and it makes wary of people.


  2. major love ❤
    from head to toe ! :D

  3. love that fur jacket dear ^^
    and happy day

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  4. Wow! you are stunning, i love your whole look
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  5. You remind me of another blogger on that fur jacket :)


  6. I love this outfit. The sneakers are beautiful.


  7. Lovely outfit!!!And your necklace is amazing!;)

    Lallo's landing in fashion

  8. Haha, "when I'm not in blog mode" yup, totally know how that goes. Its like my sneaker wedges. I wear them all the time, but I switch it out just for the sake of the blog.
    Anyway, this outfit is so you Carla. Cool kicks and all! :)
    Hmmm, sounds like a tough situation. I'd feel rather left out as well...maybe try reaching out to one of them and see what kind of reception you get? Wish you all the best with it girl. <3

    Trendy Teal

  9. I love the bag you have in this outfit! The jacket looks great with those pants! :D


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