The Perfect Skirt

Outfit://Shirt - Cotton On//Jacket and Skirt - Local Store//Shoes - Mana//Collar Necklace- Natkiel//Bag - Bershka//

Here's another one from my recent purchases, the one I call "the perfect skirt". I mean, what can't be more perfect than it if it's not versatile, black, not too long nor too short, and can be the foundation of so many outfits. It's the little black dress version of skirts if you know what I mean. And in case you didn't notice, I got another in neon green (shown on my post here). I'm so ready for spring with these new investments but apparently Macau isn't. We're still having the dullest weather and in fact, it feels like fall all over again.

On other matters,  let me tell you the stupidest and most annoying thing that just happened recently. So I'm working on a school project which is a video documentary about Easter, the Lenten celebration, that is. As it is, the ultimate thing to do is to take a video of the Easter celebration in Macau, right, and fact is, I did. Even interviewed a few people to have solid materials to present. Now the project isn't due until two weeks from now so I left everything as they were, SD card inside the digital camera I used to record, and the camera inside my school clutch. A few days ago, I went to shoot outfit photos with Penguin, only to realize that the SD card in my SLR is missing (supposed I left them still plugged into my home PC). But then I remembered that I had the digital camera in my school clutch which I had with me at the time, and in it is another SD card. My luck, I thought, and so we proceeded with the outfit shoot. When I got back home to import all the files from that memory, suddenly all of the videos I took for my project were gone!!! Would you believe it??? The very foundation of my project were all gone!!! It's the most ridiculous thing. Of course I knew I could bring them back somehow, so I went online and downloaded just about every file recovery software I could find. But sadly, I could only recover a few clips which won't be that useful. Ugh. I feel so dumb. Apparently the files were overwritten and even if I am able to recover them fully, they'd still be corrupted. And now I might have to retake the videos all over again. But, I mean, how am I supposed to bring Easter back, huh? It's just impossible. Ugh... just great. So there... that's the biggest dilemma I have right now. If you guys have any suggestions, please.

Anyway, other than my stupidity, there's nothing much to report. I just hope I come up with something to solve this project thing. It's a weekend but I don't feel like I should be in celebratory mode. Still, I wish you all a great weekend darlings! Better than mine!

P.S. Forgive my face, it's a no-make-up kinda day, what with my stress and all, figured the bugs can't be concealed no matter.


  1. UGH I hate when I loose important info like that, seriously that's the worst. Having to start all over again is so frustrating :(
    I really do love this look, that looks like the perfect black skirt for sure. Such a great piece that will go with anything

  2. So pretty<3 I love the flow of that skirt too.


  3. I love your pretty look!!!

  4. No makeup and you still look this gorgeous? Your a natural beauty Carla!
    Ah man, that seriously sucks about the videos. :( I'm so sorry, this sounds like something that's happened to me before. Sadly, I'm not tech savvy and have no tips for you. Hope you're able to pull something together over the weekend girl!

    Trendy Teal

  5. Adorable look, darling :) ♥ xo


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