All American Denim

Outfit://Tank - Forever21//Chambray - ManSi//Shorts - c/o ZLZ//Oxfords - Local Store//Bag - Bershka//Sunnies - Mango//

Hello chambray, long time no wear! It's a little long to be a normal button up shirt paired with skinny pants, which is why I think I've found a new purpose for it - a cover up!

You know what I've been wanting to have in my closet for the longest time? A pair of plain high waist denim shorts! Everytime I thought of buying a pair, I end up buying another; a much more stylized one like ombre or studded. But this came along, thanks to ZLZ. I now have the ultimate pair that will go with a lot of basic tops for lazy summer days. Talk about versatile. They go with pretty much everything, from loose top, crop tops, to tanks and sheer button ups. But don't fret, I won't be wearing them like uniform so you won't get tired of seeing them here.

Now, if you've been following this blog for a while now, you probably know that I used to have this love affair with everything American flag printed. Well actually I still have. Went all out on this outfit as you can see and combined two pieces together. Being pale in color and all, I think the they were muted enough not to be tacky put together; you know, that feeling when you put too matchy-matchy things in the same print and materials and colors and all. I think the shirt and tank top just click. But I don't know; of course I can be biased for myself so yay or nay, you guys can decide for yourselves and let me know what you think.

Anyway, talk to me darlings, how has your weekend been? I've had the most wonderful and fabulous time with mine! But... I'll reserve to talk about it another post or two (yes, two!). Today I wanna hear all about yours! 


  1. I love your American denim outfit, that bag is so cute! X

  2. Nope, you're right, these two flag prints totally click together. I love your Americana theme :) What's funny is how I've got an outfit in the reserves where I'm wearing a flag print tank as well haha
    Glad to hear you've had a good weekend, can't wait to hear about it! I've just been busy with work and cleaning around the house. Also, preparing to move out, yeee! :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. i really love ur style. nice to meet you.^^

  4. perfect. denim will never out of trend.

  5. Love that denim shirt on you! I, too, use them as a cover up cause they're usually too big for me. :)

    XO, Mish @

  6. Great outfit! I love it!!!

  7. love this cute look!!

  8. beautiful! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  9. Hey,
    great pictures and a beautiful outfit. I love your top - suits you so good.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope you drop by soon - new post! :)

  10. Chic outfit, you look so fresh and vivid! beautiful! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  11. Absolutely love this outfit,
    Nicky NEW POST!!!

  12. effortlessly chic shots!
    anyway,join my OASAP giveaway and win lovely summer clothing!

    hope you can participate dear

  13. The outfit is very nice. I love the top, is it very pretty. I think the shorts and the jacket matches is perfectly. Also the brown shoes and the bag fit totally awesome in this look!
    Have a nice day ♥

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog, i love you t-shirt.

    I follow you :) do the same!

    G <3
    twitter: Georgia_Peacock

  15. love the look... so summer-y :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog... appreciate it a lot.
    following you now, I'll appreciate if you follow back! ♥

  16. wow this is cool!! love the denim shirt <33

  17. Love this denim outfit. :)


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